Theatre Company Tokyo Milk Hall 24th Performance 2nd series in 1998
The Festival of the Null-Null People - 2019, It's Eternal Peace

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br />The Heisei Year
Heisei is about to end.
The person on TV says that it was Heisei with only unpleasant things, but
It's sad to end.
"Let's do something to commemorate before the end of Heisei"
Boys and girls begin to run towards the plan to build the 2019
Peace Monument.
Oh, how bright our future is!

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Sano Babi City Tomonori Aihara J.K.Goodman Takashi Onodera ? Yuki Shinshiro Yoshiyuki Usami Naoto Kitanouchi ? Tomoko Romantic ? Changmatsu Skywalker Let's be a little singing?? U-Tokyo Bambi? Akinori Mitsui?? Smoke? Ho Kise??. Raster Tokyo Academy?


Directed by? Sano Babi


2020/9/30 (Wed) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

Note: Performances
09/30 (Wed) 19:30
October 01 (Thu) 19:30
October 02 (Friday) 15:30 / 19:30
October 03 (Sat) 1:30 / 15:30 / 19:30
Sunday, October 04 13:30 / 17:30
1 to 2 people each 11 people
br /> open 30 minutes before the start

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11名限定!3,800円(全席自由・整理番号付・税込) → 【整理番号引換券】3,000円さらに2000Pゲット!(10/1 17時55分更新)
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Shimokitazawa Small Theater B1


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