Gallery x Short Drama
"Haniyna Desico vol.10 Stream" - There is a feeling connected by drama - [Archive distribution ticket]

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Gallery x Short Drama Collection
"Haniyadesico Vol.10 Stream"
- There is a feeling connected by drama -
Corona virus infection countermeasures no audience, it is a recording distribution performance. For web distribution, you can see it from anywhere in the country. It is not a stage performance, but a video work of the pre-recording.
After purchasing a ticket, please visit the URL provided in the booking confirmation email, enter the password on the ticket ticket, and watch the video distribution. You can watch it over and over again during the broadcast period.
Performance "Heal." "Love Onnanoko" and "Ekakiuta" two-person play x 3 works will be sent in part double cast.

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Thank you Tetsuhei Hosono?? gMoto Kogyo? Shiho Takahashi?? nNite Nadesico Support Members? ? Kyoko ozawa ??? The next day of the group? Kana Ogawa?? l-strike? Naoko Tani Hanabayashi Igawa Yukiko Akama Yufuko ??? Cantabile? Atsumi Ueno?? Shi-boiled egg? Mayumi Hayashi?? Sero-Saru) (in no particular order?)


Directing? Sato Hibiki - Tomomi Kita?? n Nitnadesico? K Megumi?? n Nite Nadesico? Screenplay? Tomomi Nagata?? n Nite Nadesico? Providing music? Kazuya Oda Design? Mitsuru


2020/10/10 (Sat) 〜2020/11/1 (Sun)


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Organizations Overview

It was started by Haniyna Deshiko

Yukie Mizusawa and Tomomi Nagata.
We have been active since 2016 and have delivered the past nine performances. The purpose of this project is to perform high-quality works in a way that is easy for customers to get close to.
We will deliver a small collection of short dramas in a small gallery. Shiho Takahashi also joined as a support member from this time.


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