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Ballet "Dragon Quest" All 2 Acts

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Dragon Quest, a ballet born 25 years ago in 1995. This work, which is based on a national game, has attracted a wide audience beyond ballet fans as an entertainment ballet like no other in the world.
In 2017, stage art was re-opened. In 2019, it became a big topic when it first appeared at the Japan Expo, the world's largest Japanese cultural festival, to be held in Paris, France.
Don't miss the long-awaited triumphal performance of the one-of-a-med ballet.
br />>[Story]br />The White Hero who left the castle to rescue the princess who was taken away by the Demon King and the Black Hero. While wounded by a monster attack, he was guided by a mysterious old man, met three friends, and headed with them to Mamiya, the land of the final battle.

Can the white hero save the princess? And the secret hidden between the white hero and the black hero.

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The White Hero? Shohei Hayashida The Black Hero? Takeshi Ikeda Princess? Junko Watanabe Devil? Daisuke Ohno Sages? Daisuke Fukuhara Warrior? Yuina Nishihara ? An arms dealer? Akifumi Konosu The legendary hero? Naoya Kuno ? Virgin? Ms. Kakuya


Music? Koichi Nakayama ? Directed and choreographed? Atsushi Suzuki


2020/10/3 (Sat) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

Saturday, October 03 14:00
Sunday, October 04 14:00

Ticket Fee

12名限定!S席10,000円 → 7,800円さらに4000Pゲット!(10/1 17時45分更新)

10名限定!A席8,000円 → 6,350円さらに4000Pゲット!(10/1 17時45分更新)


+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Great Hall)


Saturday, October 03 14:00
Sunday, October 04 14:00
8-14 people Each 22 people
br />Please refrain from entering children under 4 years of age.
We do not sell the first to third rows on the first floor.
(The performers, etc. may be subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.)

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