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Reiwa 2nd (75th) Performance organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival
Richard II


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Shakespeare's historical drama series, which has continued since 2009, is finally reaching its finale. Up to now, this series depicts the battle between human beings, such as the civil war in Britain, the war against France, and the obsession with power. Through various "conflict", we have drawn the stupidity and sublimeness of human activities to the fullest, and have gained high evaluation.
His final work, Richard II, is historically the oldest historical drama, and the capture of the throne from Richard II by Bollingbrook (later Henry IV), who was the beginning of all the battles and caused the people's conflict, is drawn to life. It is a performance that is the key to making it the final work and solving the starting point.
The cast will be performed by actors such as Kenichi Okamoto, Kenji Unai, and Kyoko Naka, as well as director Hitoshi Sasayama and other staff members in almost the same formation. The magnificent history picture scroll that seded 12 years is finally completed.
In the fall of 2020, works related to Shakespeare will be performed in all three divisions of opera, dance and theater.
br />>>The Royal Palace of Richard II. In front of the king, two aristocracy, Mobray and Henry Bollingbrook, Duke of Norfolk, are summoned. Bollingbrook charges that Mobrey was involved in the recent assassination of the Duke of Gloucester, but Mobrey denies this. The king's ruling was to black and white by duel at a later date. On that day, when the duel finally begins, the king suddenly pronounces the cancellation of the duel and the expulsion of the two.
Bollingbrook is exiled for six years, but when his father, John of Gound, dies, King Richard confiscates his property. In addition to this outpost, it is reported that Bollingbrook will lead a large army and return home to the aristocrats who had raised dissatisfaction with Richard's death until then, seeking the restoration of the lost honor.
Aristocrats in Bollingbrook one after another. With the support of the people, he advances his troops to confront the castled king. Two people who are taken by Bollingbrook's uncle York and meet each other. Bollingbrook demands only his own restoration of honor, but the under pressured king declares his own he will take over.

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Kenichi Okamoto Kenji Unai Kyoko Naka Miki Tachikawa Eiji Yokota Katsube Enyuki ? Nao Yoshimura Hiroyuki Kinoshita Takahide Tashiro I'm going to see a little yanagi . Hiroshi Otaki Masahiro Asano Sayako Nasu Katsuhiko Kotani ? Gentaro Shimoso ? Yoshitaka Hara Shoki Sakurai Tetsuro Ishibashi Tatsuyuki Kiyohara ? Naoto Forge Kunihiro Kawabe ⻲ Tadaaki ? Yohei Matsukaku Hiroshi Naito Ishiro Shiina ? Hayato Miyazaki


Work? William Shakespeare Translation? Yushi Odajima Directing? Hitoshi Sasayama


2020/10/2 (Fri) 〜2020/10/25 (Sun)

Note: Performances
October 06 (Tuesday) 13:00
October 07 (Wed) 13:00
October 08 (Thu) 13:00 ★ Theater Talk
Friday, October 09 18:30
Saturday, October 10 13:00
Sunday, October 11 13:00
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Tuesday, October 20 13:00
October 22 (Thu) 13:00
Friday, October 23 18:30
Saturday, October 24 13:00
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Scheduled performance time: Undecided (we will guide you at a later date.) Please check the official performance time just before the opening.
br />>★ Theater Talk "Richard II" br />October 08, 2020 (Thursday) After the performance
Appearance: Kenichi Okamoto, Kenji Uai, Nakasada Child, Hitoshi Sasayama
Host: Miho Nakai
How to participate:October 8 (Thu) Only those who attend the performance are allowed to participate. Please take a look at your seat.

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