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Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan

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As a masterpiece of Tsuruya North and South, as one of the most popular works in Kabuki, it is a masterpiece that still entertains us today. Speaking of ghost stories, it is called "Yotsuya Kaidan" and ghosts are called "Oiwa-san", but it is not only a ghost story play, it is a work that makes you enjoy a number of rich human dramas and spectacles.
The first performance in the forward seat was in 1976. Kunitaro Kawarazaki played a rock and gained a reputation for being in line every day. In 2016, it was performed at the National Theatre of Tokyo for the first time in 34 years as a performance commemorating the 85th anniversary of the founding of the theater company.
In addition to scenes such as "hair combing" and "doorboard return" filled with Keren Karakuri, the main story of "Oiwa and Iemon" is "triangular" of the side story "Sleeve, Yomo Shichi, Naosuke" "Yotsuya Kaidan" is a forward-looking version that includes "the place of the mansion", and approaches the magnificent way of life of the common people without a name, and shows the entangled loyalty and loyalty of the heartless men and women with a mechanism of surprise.

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Rock, Kobutsu Kodaira, Chaya daughter Omon, Kodaira wife flower? Ryotaro Kawarazaki Mitani Iemon? Yoshisaburo Arashi Yomochi Sato? Eiko Hayase ? Rock sister sleeves? Shinya Tadamura ? Naosuke Gonbei? Yanosuke Fujikawa ? Satsuma Teyasu? Keisuke Yagyo ? Kibei Ito? Kihachiro Matsushima Intermediate assistant? Masaki Terada Ito family nae mother-in-law? Keitaro Uetaki Yotsuya Samon, Iemon mother bear? Fujii's great plan ? Kibei Granddaughter Ume? Yunosuke Tamaura ? Akiyama Nagabei? Kainosuke Matsuura Shigesuke Toguraya? Taro Arashiichi Yuzaburo Okuda? Yuki Wada Kanzo Sekiguchi? Matsunaga 瑤 ? Ume's mother, Goya bow? Yoshisaburo Yamazaki


Work? Tsuruya North-South ? Script? Fumitaka Ono Directing progress? Koji Nakahashi Art? Ryuji Kumano Lighting? Yoshio Terada Music? Sakiya Sanotada ? Music supplement? Katsuhiko Ashiya ,nYasa Yoshiyoshi %c Nakasayuki ? The stage director? Fumitaka Ono


2020/10/11 (Sun) 〜2020/10/12 (Mon)

Sunday, October 11, 14:30
Monday, October 12, 11:00 a.m. / Chartered

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Village Hall, Japan Special Ceramics City Hall


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Founded in 1931 by young Kabuki actors, the theater company celebrated its 88th anniversary in May 2019. Since the post-war period, he has been promoting theater, with performances at large urban theaters and touring performances throughout the country as a pillar. It is also highly regarded as a valuable independent theater company with Kabuki as a repertoire.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, all performances from the end of February 2020 to the first half of August have been canceled or postponed, but with the support of customers nationwide, we have resumed performance activities!


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