Roman Holiday


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More than half a century after its release,
Eternal love romance continues to fascinate movie fans around the world.
br />br />HISTORY>br />>>Roman Holiday and Toho Musical Performance Historybr />2000 Imperial Theatre Excerpts from the performance program
Contribution: Chieko Koda (film and theater critic)

Toho Musical's history has been far over half a century since before the war, and now it can be said that it has returned to the original musical in "Roman Holiday". To make a long story back, I feel that the original was the dream of toho musicals since Kazuzo Kobayashi (1873-1957 Hankyu Toho) group founder. The history of Toho Musical was built by Kazuo Kikuda (former Director of Toho Co., Ltd. from 1908 to 1973, the founder of Toho Theater Nakaoki), but I think it is good to say that "Roman Holiday" was the one that made Kikuda's dream by investing all of his know-how in translation musicals.

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Cast (in alphabetical order for each role): Princess Anne /W Cast? Morning Summer Mana and Yya Taisuke ? Joe Bradley (newspaper reporter)/W cast? Kazuki Kato & Motoki Sumoto Irving (photographer)/W cast? Yutaka Ohta% Shingo Mori Countess of Viaberg? Yukiko Kuno ? General Proveno. Takuya Ima Mario Delani. Kaoru Okada ? Louisa? Kaori Ono Ambassador of Italy to Italy? Yuki Minato Hennessy bureau chief? Shigeo Matsuzawa Other


Screenplay? Makoto Horikoshi Directing? Kazuya Yamada Music? Oshima Mitil ? Lyrics? Yuki Saito The original producer? Kiichiro Sakai


2020/10/4 (Sun) 〜2020/10/28 (Wed)

Note: Performances
October 05 (Monday) 18:00
October 06 (Tuesday) 13:00
October 07 (Wed) 18:00
Friday, October 09 13:00
Saturday, October 10 17:00
Sunday, October 11 13:00
10 Monday, October 12 18:00
Tuesday, October 13 13:00
Wednesday, October 14 18:00
Friday, October 16 18:00
Monday, October 19 13:00
Tuesday, October 20 13:00 / 18:00
October 26 18:00
Tuesday, October 27 13:00
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S-seats: 13,500 yen (all seats reserved and tax included)
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