Produced by Takuya Seo
QUINTET (video game company) 10 days of the fate of THE game company SHIMAZ

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This is the first production and production performance by actor Takuya Seo.
Screenplay, TV Asahi "Dr. Thrijiri Don't Be Like Me!!" Mr. Takaaki Kitano, who is a planning director and producer.
This is the first interactive stage series in which the story changes as the audience intervenes in the story, sending Mr. Kitano to the writer.

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Akine Takayanagi Takuya Seo ? Takuya Suda?? p-cohn? Kobayashi Kenchi?? What's electric? Matsumoto Club


Screenplay? Takaaki Kitano Directing? Takuya Seo ? Music? Hiroyuki Nishiyama The stage director? Kaoru Oda??] Girls of Furuta? Art? Daisuke Hayashi Lighting? Lysa Noguchi?? A Rutiprano? Acoustic? Arishiro Nakajima?? Directing assistant? Rina Seo Production? Yuki Fusa Planning and production? Produced by Takuya Seo


2020/9/29 (Tue) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

9/29 (Tuesday) 19:30
09/30 (Wednesday) 15:30/19:30
October 01 (Thursday) 15:30/19:30
October 0 2nd (Friday) 15:30/19:30
Saturday, October 03 15:30/18:30
Sunday, October 04 12:30/15:30

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