It's not a play! It's not a musical! It's not a circus!
Nonverbal Theater "Gear-GEAR-" (October)

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The stage is an old toy factory. Doll doll, which used to be the product, touches the humanoid robot "Roboroid" that continues to work, acquires emotions, and is a moving story that approaches humans.

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Mimes? Yoshimononaki-♂ Village Wataru ¢ J Keigo F Ryutaro Tsuji Breakdance? KATSU's 'B'''''''''OPPY'''S'S'S''Juntoon' ? Magic? Shinko Scenic View - CR Shogo Shimosho - Masaya Emoto - Ario Shida ? Juggling? Sakata Shingo En%nbe Akira-an [Kawato<a0>燉逑?</a0>Kawato∴<a1></a1>Gata X Bon Ueda?<a2></a2>


Directing? On Caqueo Stage art? Takahiro Shibata The director of the video? Kiyotaka Yoshimitsu 3DCG production? Kazuhiro Ishibashi Music? Toyota Nachigo And Shimura Kaoru CO Village Shingo ? Choreography? Ryohei Kondo?? Naoko? Producer? Keito Ohara


2020/10/3 (Sat) 〜2020/10/31 (Sat)

Scheduled until Saturday, October 31, 2020.

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(May be changed due to the spread of coronavirus infection, etc.) Thank you for your understanding.

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All seats reserved (general): 6,800 yen
All seats reserved (elementary and high school students): 4,800 yen
(including tax)
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Organizations Overview

As Japan's first non-language entertainment from Japan, long-run performances be started in 2012. In the small theater, the number of unusual performances exceeded 3,000 times & the number of spectators exceeded 240,000. While still revising, he continues to perform long-run performances as an evolving stage performance.


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