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Broadway's leading comedy writer Neil Simon's leading comedy "The Funny Two" (1965). It was made into a movie and dramatized, it became a big hit, and it was released in 1985 with full "funny two-person and female version". Broadway's premiere recorded a long run of more than eight months.
This masterpiece will be staged with Mao Daichi and Mari Hanamari for the first time. The comedienne Mao Daichi of the theater world is the olive role of the lazy person. Mari Hana, who plays the title role of "Elisabeth" from Takarazuka's premiere, plays Florence, who is so scrupulously scrupulous. Two contrasting characters are pushed into a room in the apartment created by Neil Simon. Sylvia Grubb, Masako Miyaji, Kyoko Hirata, Shizuyo Yamazaki and other unique and acting cast members play two female friends, the chief of Imoawashzaka and Daisuke Watanabe, the Spanish brothers who stir them up. Directed by Kei Harada, a high-featured young director who won the 20th Yomiuri Theater Awards and The Excellent Director Award for "Robert Capa: A Record of Souls" in 2013, the 24th Yomiuri Theater Awards, the Excellent Director Award, and the 34th Kikuda Ikyo Theater Award in 2016 for "For the People: The Man Who Seeked Lincoln Freedom."
Please look forward to the newly reborn "funny two"!
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Olive Madison's apartment in Manhattan. Old newspapers and magazines are scattered, and the refrigerator remains broken for two weeks even if it is summer. After the divorce, the room is all-you-can-eat because of its lazy personality, but when female friends gather in the olive room almost every day, they get excited by games and chatting.
As olives play card games, everyone's topic is Florence Anger, who was recently divorced from her husband. When she is talking without permission that she of the heart might commit suicide, the doorbell rings and Florence enters. Olive proposes living with himself that he should live a new life in Florence, Taratara, without any thought as to why he was asked to divorce.
But Florence, who rolled into the olive room, is a sickly beautiful lover. Two people of the opposite character repeat the collision as a matter of course in the joint life.
A well-made comedy about two strange people until they find their happiness.

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Mao Daichi Mari Hanamari ? Sylvia Grubb Masako Miyaji Kyoko Hirata Shizuyo ??? C Candies? Daisuke Watanabe Chief of Imoaezaka


Work? Neil Simon Moisturizing and directing? Atsushi ??? Hikaru Theater Company? Translation? Miyeko Ito


2020/10/8 (Thu) 〜2020/10/25 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Friday, October 09 13:00
October 19 (Monday) 13:00 / 1 8:00
Wednesday, October 21 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 24, 5:00 p.m.

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