Saburo Tekigawara Dance Performance
The Night of the Galactic Railway

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Saburo Tekigawara has created dance works based on Kenji Miyazawa's works several times. Among them, "DAH-DAH-SKO-DAH-DAH", which was created in 1991 based on the poem "Harai Kenmairen", was one of Tekigawara's representative works, and it was performed all over the world over the next few years at the time of its premiere and revision in 2012.
br />Tejigawara says he has had a "new opportunity to think about nature and space," not to mention words and images, from Kenji Miyazawa.

It is not an interpretation of the original, but a creation at theater X by Saburo Tekigawara, who jumps into literature and breathes.

Please look forward to it.

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Saburo Tekigawara ? Toshihoko Sato



2020/9/19 (Sat) 〜2020/9/22 (Tue)

9/19 (Saturday) 19:30
09/20 (Sunday) 19:30
09/21 (Monday/holiday) 16:00
09 22nd (Tuesday/holiday) 16:00

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10名限定!一般4,500円 → 3,500円さらに200Pゲット!
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Note: Performances
09/19 (Saturday) 19:30
09/20 (Sunday) 19:30
0 September 21 (Monday/holiday) 16:00
09/22 (Tuesday/holiday) 16:00
1-6 people each 10 people

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