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★ Canfeti November issue Interview article
The Meeting of Manjiro, which started in 2009. This spring, the Japan Arts and Culture Strategy Organization (JACSO) launched with Mitsujiro as its representative director. At JACSO, in order to embody japan's traditional art and culture that transcends genres, which encompasses what we aimed for at The Association of Manjiro, we will first pay for the Meeting of Manjiro.

The performance is the same as the first "邯鄲" umbrella.
50 years of Sakae Eika that I dreamed of cooking. A song that wakes you up and realizes the importance of time and effort.

What do you realize at Mitsujiro's meeting in ??? Enjoy an autumn night with gorgeous members worthy of

br />>br />Sunday, November 1, 2020, 5:30 p.m. Mai "Mingwa"
Daijiro Tsuji
> Reading drama "邯鄲"

Takaaki Tochigi Takaaki Suda

Noh "邯鄲" Umbrella Node
Atsuo Yujiro
Tsuneyoshi Mori
Maito Kazuma
Rosen King Yusai Nomura

Flute Takeichi Gaku
Kotsuzumi Okura Genjiro
Otsume Kamei Hirotada
Taiko Sawada Ryoyoshi

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Mitsujiro Tsuji Kazuhide Hoei ? Tsuneki Mori Mansae Nomura Yusai Nomura Genjiro Okura ? Hirotada Kamei Takeichi Gaku ? Ryo Sawada ? Hiroki Nomura Takashi Takeda Toshiki Asakura Nobori Sano Takashi Yamauchi ? Taro Wakuso Dai2 Tsuji Kazuma Tsuji Takaaki Tochigi Takahisa Suda


General Producer? Mitsujiro Tsuji Art Director? Toshiya Kumano ? Web? Secure Graph Co., Ltd. Shooting? Akiko Sato


2020/11/1 (Sun)

Sunday, November 1, 2020
16:45 Open
17:30 Start

Ticket Fee

Free seating (general): 8,000 yen
All seats free (student): 2,500 yen
1,000 yen discount! 8,000 yen canfeti seats 7,000 yen! br />(incl. tax)
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Hoyo Noh


Organizations Overview

A performance planned and produced by the talented Noh performer, Mitsujiro Tsuji.
Noh hall like a theme park. I want to create what I want to see in the audience. We offer a plan that is a pleasure to entertain our customers.


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