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b>The traditional art of autumn!! br />
>[Part 1]11:00
>A gentle ups and downs - (Hiragana Seisiki)
Kamakura period twink warlords and hidden anguish.
Umetama, who is good at the second role full of dignity, is a role to challenge over refinement!
br />Koki Plays
>Appearances: Umetama Nakamura, Yuharu Nakamura, Ogiku Nakamura, Koshiro Matsumoto and others
Introduction to Kabuki "Let's Know Matsumoto's Kabuki" is being popularly distributed.
The next thing that pops out is Jobanzu's new dance, which shows scenes in digest format!
br />>>[Part 2]15:30 (scheduled to end at 18:00)
>>gt;New dish shop Shop Tsukime-Uoya Sogoro-
Sogoro, who learned that his sister was defeated for an innocent crime, drank the sake he had refused.
Kikugoro chose the art of the extreme house for the first time in eight months. This is the essence of art!

>Sword Thief
Appearance: Kiku Onoe Goro, Ichikawa Saeji, Nakamura Tokizo, Onoe Matsugreen, etc.
The expression of the thief who conspires to cheat by taking a famous sword is a comical and fun Kyogen dance.
The current generation pine green who inherited the role of the relation to grandfather (second generation) and father (first generation Shinnosuke) dances and dances!

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Part 1 (starting at 11:00)? Nakamura Umetama-an?Ko-Ko-Ko-Shun-an?Koenjaku-shimoto Koshiro-Le? Part 2 (starting at 15:30)? Ono 繽e Kikugoro- Cs River Saeji Tsuji?



2020/10/4 (Sun) 〜2020/10/27 (Tue)

Note: Performances
Friday, October 16 11:00 / 15:30
Saturday, October 17 11:00 00 / 15:30
Sunday, October 18 11:00 / 15:30
October 21 (Wed.) 11:00 / 15:30
[Part 1] 11:00 scheduled to start (13:30 finish)
[Part 2] 15:30 scheduled to start (scheduled to end at 18:00)

Ticket Fee

3,580 yen! (all seats reserved/b>
font color="blue">>>b>br/>★ card only. 9/26 (Saturday) After 10:00 ,
Please receive a ticket at the Seven-Eleven store cash register.
★ I don't know the seat number until I pick up the ticket. Thank you for your understanding.
※No phone reservation

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Note: Performance times, etc. are subject to change.
Please contact the National Theatre Sales Division [TEL:03-3265-6751] for the latest information.

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