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"Night of the Galactic Railroad 2020"


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Kenji Miyazawa's eternal unfinished masterpiece "Night of the Galactic Railway"
After a quarter of a century, the work that artistic director Akira Shirai continued to want to face again will be revived as a kick-off kick-off of the 10th anniversary of

KaAT artistic director Akira Shirai has been working on a series that revives modern and contemporary plays from a modern perspective, including Henrik Ibsen, Frank Vedend, Jean Cocteau and Bertolt Brecht, since taking over as artistic supervisor in 2014.
In September 2020, the last year of artistic director, "The Night of the Galactic Railway" 2020 will be performed as a kick-off of the KAAT 10th Anniversary Program.

This work is based on Kenji Miyazawa's masterpiece "Night of the Galactic Railway", and this work will regenerate "Ihatobo's Night of the Galactic Railway" which was performed as a project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Aoyama Theater in 1995 as a new production. At the time of the premiere, when it was performed at aoyama theater, it attracted a lot of attention, and the year after Kenji Miyazawa's birth, it was re-enacted early. Writer and director Yoshio Noso plays the script, and the music director is violinist and composer and arranger Toshihiro Nakanishi, and singer-songwriter Yoshisako Saneyoshi wrote and composed the song, and performed as the spirit of the spirit, Ameyuki. In addition, as the artistic director of the theater laboratory [ceiling gallery], Kotake Nobubushi, who was in charge of stage equipment, machines, costumes, makeup, etc. of all the works of Shuji Terayama, gathered young staff in their 30s and 40s at the time, including Shirai, to create a musical play full of originality in the world of Kenji Miyazawa.

In September 2020, Director Shirai continued to want to face this work as a director. The creative staff at the time of the premiere will be reunited, and a new creative staff will be added, and "Night of the Galactic Railway" suitable for 2020 will be born.

The role of Giovanni, a lonely boy, has been active in many Toho musicals since his debut in 2012. This work will be the first straight play challenge. Giovanni's childhood friend Kampanella, who travels the Galactic Railway with Giovanni, appeared in three movies last year and four dramas this year, kanta Sato of the theater company EXILE, Giovanni's alumni Zaneri Youth, Kenichi Tani Akito Miyazaki, who has appeared on many stages, including directing works such as Shintaro Mori, and a man (Kenji) are active in many movies and TV dramas, and yoshinori Okada, who also appears in "The Drowned World" and "No.9" directed by Akira Shirai on stage, have a strong trust from Shirai.

In addition to writing and composing lyrics and composition at the Aoyama Theater premiere and re-enactment, singer-songwriter Sayoko Sane, who appeared as The Spirit of The Spirit and Ameyuki, plays.

"Dad will give you a sea otter jacket," and the boy Giovanni was still teased by his classmate Zanelli today. There was a bad rumor that my father, who had gone fishing in a distant foreign sea and didn't come back, that he had been arrested for poaching sea otters. Today is the night of the star festival, Giovanni climbs the hill on the outs and stares at the starry sky alone. Then, the sound of the train was heard, and there was a best friend's Campanella in the passenger car and in front of me when noticing. The train which ran by the shore of the galaxy was actually a train which carried the soul of the dead to heaven. Strange people getting on and off on the way. They decide to look for "true happiness" and move forward with them.

[Director Akira Shirai Comments]
In August 1995, Kenji Miyazawa's masterpiece "Night of the Galactic Railway" was created as a musical drama as a commemorative project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of aoyama theater in Tokyo, which has now been closed. The work that used music and space dynamically remained in the memory of many people, and I have lived in my body as an important work for me.
And this production started with the desire to play for the first time in 25 years at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, where he is artistic director. Strangely enough, KAAT is now in its 10th year since its opening.
However, due to the virus infection that hit the world earlier this year, the performance of the work was also in danger. However, with the desire to light up the theater's fire again, we decided to reconsider the production and perform the 2020 edition in a new form.
The creation begins with the hope that kenji Miyazawa's phantom light will be a light of hope indicating where our plays are going. I hope you can see the light.

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Kimura achievement ? Kanta Sato ? Akito Miyazaki ? Yoshinori Okada ? Sayyo Sako ? Mayumi Meisei ? Makoto Arikawa ? Akira Date ? Sayuri Iimori ? Sotaro Ito ? Isamu Kuroda ? Yuki Nishiyama ? Shotaro Yamaguchi ? Musicians? Kenichiro Niizawa?? L-board?e?C.T.Tanaho?? o Iolin? o Iolin?e?<a0>t-Allcon?? M-ter?e?*Masayuki Remura?? X-♀ C Numa Masatoshi?? p-cassion?


Original? Kenji Miyazawa ? Screenplay? Masao Noso ? Directing? Akira Shirai


2020/9/20 (Sun) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

09/20 (Sun) 14:00
09/22 (Tuesday/ national holiday) 14:00
9/25 (Friday) 14:00
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Sunday, October 04, 13:00
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