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br />>>Two years after the world premiere, the long-awaited re-performance!
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>br />201810 In October 2020, the masterpiece musical "Living", which was performed in the W cast of Masachika Ichimura and Takeshi Kaga, and was acclaimed as a monument to a domestic musical, will make a new evolution at the Yssay Theater in October 2020.
Grammy Award-winning composer Jason Howland, Yushi Odajima,Translation Drama Award, Yomiuri Theater Award-winning screenwriter and lyrics Tomie Takahashi, and Japan's leading director, Miyamoto, who was nominated for the Tony Award for the first time as a Japanese, are re-gathered.
Based on the premiere in 2018, which was described as "the charm of Japanese soul Western talent" and "the gorgeous production unique to musicals with colorful and out-of-the-way music, simple and lyrical Japanese lyrics," we will brush up on the work for the performance at the Japan Life Theater.
The main character, Kanji Watanabe, is played by Masachika Ichimura and Takeshi Kaga again in a double cast, which has received a very high reputation in the drama reviews of each paper. By making the most of his strengths as an actor, he leads the work to even higher heights.

Musical "Living", please look forward to a new beginning at the Japan Theater!
br />>[STORY]
City Manager, Kanji Watanabe (Masachika Ichimura/Takefumi Kaga). After lying his wife early, he raised his son Mitsuo (Murai Yoshidai) by himself, and now lives with his son and his wife, May'n. It was a day to do the work indifferently in the government office led by the so-called official and temperamental assistant (Yamanishi Kei) repeating the same thing every day every day.
One day Watanabe learns that he has stomach cancer and that the rest of his life is not long. Looking back on one's life, there is a life that has not accomplished anything meaningful.
A stunned Watanabe leaves the city at night with a large amount of money to escape from reality. However, Watanabe, who has been serious for 30 years, does not even know how to use gold. At that time, I met a novelist (Shinya Shinno / Keio Konishi) who couldn't sell at a small drinking shop where I went 1. Interested in Watanabe's circumstances, he declared, "I'll teach you the pleasures of life," and they walked through many venues. However, Watanabe's heart does not clear up at all, and it is only emptiness to gather.
May'n/Yuizuki Fuuko, a young female clerk at the government office, visits Watanabe. Watanabe came to find the one which was not in my life while touching the firstness of the good when it was difficult. Is there anything I can do in the future? Watanabe starts his second life.

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The role of Watanabe Kanji (double cast)? Masachika Ichimura and Joshi Shiga Mitsuo Watanabe? Yoshidai Murai ? Novelist (double cast)? Shinya Shinna and Kaoru Nishi ? Odagiri Toyo role (Ichimura appearance times), Watanabe Kazue role (Kaga appearance times)? May'n ? Odagiri Toyo role (Kaga appearance times), Watanabe Kazue role (Ichimura appearance times)? Is it only a moon? Assistant? Kaoru Yamanishi ? Tatsuya Kawaguchi Sato Oath ? Chihoko Shigeta Kaoru Jida ? Akira Hayashi Takeshi Matsubara Seita Ueno Masaki Kamata Kengo Sunazuka ? Hirokazu Takagi Kohei Fukuyama Megumi Iino ? Abeko? Miyu Ayahashi Kae Igarashi ? Ayumi Ishii ? Atsuko Kawai ? Ayaka Nakanishi Mari Takeuchi Katsunori Takahashi Yoshiyuki Ichikawa


Directing? Miyamoto Amon ? Composition & arrangement? Jason Howland ? Screenplay & Lyrics? Tomoe Takahashi


2020/10/9 (Fri) 〜2020/10/28 (Wed)

Sunday, October 11, 18:00
Wednesday, October 14, 13:30
Friday, October 16, 13:30
10 Saturday, October 17, 18:00
Sunday, October 18, 13:00
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S seat: 13,500 yen
(all seats reserved/ tax included)
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Please receive a ticket at the Seven-Eleven store cash register.
★ I don't know the seat number until I pick up the ticket. Thank you for your understanding.
※No telephone reservation

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*Preschool children are not allowed to enter
**Tickets for this performance are prohibited from being transferred for a fee without the consent of the organizer.

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