Stage "The Gifted Life: The Meaning of Being Born Here"

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Fireworks and drops.
Two are undesirable children.
Fireworks that lost light and sound
Lost hope and wishes
They were dropped into such a world, but at the end they look back on themselves and thank the world.
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Taiga Kurihara ? Hikaru Watanabe ? Shimizu Soon ? N.Y. Sawabe ? Shigeya Hagiwara ? Ryo Yashima?? F-love appearance? ? Team A? 石田隼縲¥ャ林亜実縲¢蜉ムあい縲♂J坪夏実縲@L藤詩織縲%。 Tasena-an" Iharuto? D Ki-♂ Mizuho%c Fuchi Junno♂ Team B? Ujiie Ren♀糶 .♀糶A Manon齣闢♂?


Written and directed? Kento Masui


2020/9/15 (Tue) 〜2020/9/22 (Tue)

9/15 (Tuesday) 18:00[A]
09/16 (Wednesday) 18:00[B]
09/17 (Thursday) 13:00[A] / 18 :00[B]
09/18 (Fri) 13:00[B] / 18:00[A]
09/19 (Saturday) 13:00[A] / 18:18 00[B]
09/20 (Sun) 13:00[B] / 18:00[A]
09/21 (Mon/Holiday) 13:00[A] / 18:18 00[B]
09/22 (Tuesday/ holiday) 13:00 [B] / 17:00 [A]
lt;br />※ Reception reception, lobby, seat opening time is 45 minutes before the start.
*Duration: About 1 hour and 45 minutes (no break)

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Advance sale: 5,800 yen (all seats free seating, numbered numbered, tax included)

※ At the time of the opening of the seat, we will call in the order of numbered number from the customer who purchased in the play guide, please proceed to the seating seat in order of number.

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※ In the case of refunds at the buyer's convenience, various fees are not eligible for refund.
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※This performance is not eligible for the "Buyback Service".

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