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Musical "Billy Elliott : Little Dancer" (September/October)


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The musical Billy Elliott is a musical film about a hit film (original title: Billy Elliot, Director: Stephen Daldry) screened in the Japanese title of
Little Dancer. It opened in London in May 2005 and won four awards (best new musical award, best composition award, etc.) at the Olivier Awards the following year. In 2008, he entered Broadway and won 10 awards, including best musical screenplay and best musical production award at the Tony Award the following year. The musical version is followed by a movie directed by the master Stephen Daldry. The Japanese premiere in 2017 was very popular and won the Yomiuri Theater Awards, the Special Jury Prize, kazuo Kikuda Theater Award, and others.

1984, the northern English town of Durham, shaken by the strike of miners.
The main character Billy lives with his father, brother and grandmother, a coal miner. His mother passed away at an early age, and his father and brother took part in strikes to win better working conditions, so they had no income and their lives were tough. My father wants Billy to grow up strong, he makes money from a poor family budget and makes Billy learn boxing, but one day he happens to see a ballet class lesson and, despite being puzzled, begins to participate in the lesson with the girls. He went to a ballet class without telling his family about the monthly fee for boxing, but his father was furious when he learned about it. I'm forced to quit ballet. However, Billy can't give up ballet because he can forget about tsurai only when he's dancing. Mrs. Wilkinson, who discovered Billy's talent, gave special training in ballet for free and aimed to take the entrance examination for the prestigious Royal Ballet School in England. On the other hand, the father who had brought up the son by one man strongly objected to ballet that the man should grow up dazzlingly, but it sees billy dancing alone one night. It was the appearance of the son who had not seen it before. Knowing Billy's passion and talent, and his strong desire to become a ballet dancer, he decides that he wants to make his dream come true as a father, and that he wants to show a world that is different from his own.

The sight of an 11-year-old boy pushing toward his dream, conflict with his family, feelings for his late mother, and my grandmother's warm support. While overcoming the hardships, Billy's dream becomes the dream of the whole family, and eventually becomes the dream of the whole city.

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Kawaguchi-no-tone ? Taichi Torida ? Nakamura Kairy? ? Watanabe De Hitoshi ? Toru Masuoka ? Satoshi Hashimoto ? Yuki Reon ? Kei Anran ? Kii Negishi ? Yumi Achiba ? Masaki Nakagawachi ? Tomohiko Nakai ? Tomoya Hoshi ? Yusuke Onuki ? Yoshimi Nagano ? Daisuke Moriyama ? Atsuko Iezuka ? Tatsuharu Itagaki ? Nao Ohtake ? Takashi Otsuka ? Makoto Kagaya ? Saito Kirito ? Makoto Sasaki ? Takushi Takahashi ? Tomoaki Tatsumi ? Kenta Chatani ? Hirotaka Terui ? Yasuyoshi Maruyama ? Masami Kurasawa ? Arisa Kojima ? Akimi Takeuchi ? Midori Fujisaki ? Izumi Isaka ? Kana Inoue ? Deguchi Wakko ? Kawai Jian ? Ayumu Kikuda ? Kotaro Sano ? Seishiro Nippori ? Sakura Kobayashi ? Morita Zuihime ? Megumi Morita ? Shiori Kitamura ? Yuna Shimoji ? Mika Sakina ? Rina Sato ? ? Nagisa Namikizuki ? Aina Shinzato ? Kana Furuya ? Masuda Shinharu ? Yoyora Yanagi ? Rion Ishii ? Ryosei Takahashi ? Daiki Okuma ? Keito Toyomoto ? Haruto Nishiyama


The script and the lyrics? Lee Hall ? Directing? Stephen Daldry ? Music? Elton John


2020/9/11 (Fri) 〜2020/10/17 (Sat)

Note: Performances
09/14 (Monday) 17:30 [Opening performance
09/16 (Wed) 12:00 / 17:30
1 9/17 (Thursday) 17:30
09/19 (Saturday) 17:30
09/22 (Tuesday/holiday) 12:00
09/24 (Thursday) 17:30
09/27 (Sunday) 12:00
09/28 (Monday) 13:30
09/30 (Wed) 17:30
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