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My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, The King and I, Kiss Me Kate, Violin On the Roof, The Man of La Mancha, Sweet Charity, Anne, Nine, Chicago, Pippin, Les Mis?rables, etc.

AGE2lt;br />1990s, mainly grand musicals that bloomed around the West End.
"Oliver! South Pacific, La Kaju au Fall, Anything Goes, Miss Saigon, Guys & Dolls, Revolving Horse, Sea Loves Me, 42ND STREET, etc.

AGE3&/b>lt;br />We will present a mix of the Vienna musical, which begins with Elisabeth in 2000, and the original musical from the Teigeki.
"Elisabeth", "Mozart! Dance of Vampires, Marie Antoinette, Rudolf - The Last Kiss, Lady Beth, Love Songs for Angels - Sister Act, Jersey Boys, 1789-Bastille Lovers, Beautiful, Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, "Roman Holidays," "Twelve Nights" and "Twelve Nights" and more

br />>>;font color="red&quart;<重要>;/font/b>Tickets Please check your seat number after ticketing and register in this form
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Mc? Yoshio Inoue?? gram A. Program C? rogram B? Program A? Asana summer mana and $Kada Erika齪 H Masaki". I Kiyotaka§a ♂-Tsi Fuji Kazuki-體c-Yu-$" Najun-%c-Generation Mario-$V-Wife Seiko-ya-Mari-♂-Tae-Ji-Yu-Yu-Tae-Jitsu-Ko-ma -$X Komiko ? Program B? Morning and summer mana♀ C Treasure Naoto♂ ChiTo Kazuki"? [Rena-tei-chi-fu Masayo-$$" Najun-%-c-generation-Mani-yu-£?? W♂ Ya-Mari-&s-Sa-Sa-Ayaka&汕苡-Sa-1%. Masaaki Oka ? Program C? Asana Natsu Mana and The 齪 H Masaki",'''''''''''''C Utaho's$"" Najun-<a0></a0><a1></a1></a0><a2></a2>%%c-generation Manrio - Suno Aya ? Special Guest? Masachika Ichimura?? gram A (day and night on the 17th only)? rogram C? Ensemble? Ishikawa Shinta ♂ - Honseishi '纉. Jinhiko "竚 Hong Shun ' & 熏k-k? R-no-i Naruhito§e-takushi♀糶 Aiko-a-pupa-shi-u-yu-♀-o-o-v-vu?? $_Tani Reika ♂ Heai Atsuko%?c Aya'e Hiromi*? {Natsuko


Composition and direction? Kaoru Kobayashi ? Music director, arrangement, conductor? Masato Kai ? Arrangement? Yasuaki Maejima £| Choreography? Kaoru Harada-Ro-恃-T-'Yurika-Rishita Natsuko? Singing instruction? Akiko Yamaguchi


2020/8/14 (Fri) 〜2020/8/25 (Tue)

08月24日(月) 13:00【Program C】☆
08月24日(月) 18:00【Program C】☆
08月25日(火) 13:00【Program C】☆◎

☆Special Guest:大地真央

Ticket Fee

S seat: 15,000 yen (all seats reserved, tax included)
br />;font color="blue">[Note] /font>>br>★ card payment only. 8/20 (Thursday) after 10:00
Please receive a ticket at the Seven-Eleven store cash register.
★ I don't know the seat number until I pick up the ticket. Thank you for your understanding.
※Telephone reservation not allowed
※In this performance, the seats are arranged at intervals of one seat, one seat at a time.
>/b>/b>Customers must check their seat number after ticketing and register in this form.

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※Resale of tickets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
Tickets purchased at internet auctions may not be accepted.

※It is prohibited to transfer for a fee without the organizer's consent.
This performance will be sold after confirming the buyer's name and contact information.
※This performance is not eligible for the "Buyback Service".

※Please understand when you change the schedule as well as performers. Even in the case of performer change, we will not be able to change or refund to other days.
※Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
※Toho Terezav, there is no sale at the Imperial Theatre window.
※There is a possibility that the state of the audience is reflected in the broadcast video about the LIVE video distribution times. Thank you for your understanding.

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