New Edition, Stage "Like a Lion - Sengoku Yufune Evaluation"

The performance was canceled.

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<重要>New edition/stage "Like a lion - Warkoku Yufune Review"
All performances have been canceled in September. br />br />
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br>br /> Nobunaga Siege Network was called the largest field war in the War between the War states. The anti-Oda Nobunaga Alliance was formed around In the center of <女>, behind this battle, which was said to be Nobunaga's biggest pinch, Masamuro's <女> put up a trick for the rest of their life!

in fact<女>'s intelligence war did not start here, but in the first place the whole world of the war <女> manipulated by the secret stories of us!

It is a meeting commonly referred to as "Yufune Grade"!

Two high school girls who ate the "fruit of space-timeReiwa and slipped back in time from their home days to Arima during the Warring States period. Science geek Mari Yosano and Okuya Kaoru of the history woman rolled into "Yufune Grade" ... what will happen to Yufune ???

Popular authentic war country strategy game for smartphones [like a lion] if the charm of the game and history fans are convinced, and boldly incorporate entertainment stage!
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>Cast Partially Changed(September 18, 2020)
Kiku B
Kiku role is Yuka Kawamura of A cast will perform in the whole performance in a single cast.

There is no effect on performances due to poor physical condition.

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Mari Yosano? Risa Tanaka Okuya Kaoru? Takaya Ito?? E Station Stage A? Chiyo? Asahina ??? Ko natsuya, ??? ? Chrysanthemum? Yuka Kawamura You're a no-no? Keiko Iizuka Nene? Lynn Takahashi ? Hosokawa Garasha? Erika Niwa ? Soko Tsumagi? Ayaka Fujisaki ? Pine? Ami Kashiwagi Naotora Ii? The Truth about Uwarahara Mitsuyo? It becomes a ??? Is it a ??? ? Nyo Chun-an? Atsumi ??? Kaoru ¢蜥???? ? Qing-den? Inujima-??? Toda Narumi ??? ? Yoshichiyo-den? Emmy ??? "?c yen??? ? Chun Yingying? Mari ??? Is it 苳? ? Mrs. Hojo? Ayaka ??? Is this a ??? ? Seion-in-den? Nao Tsutsui ??? Aoi 迥 ??? ? Chiyo Mochiga month? Ryo Sanada ? Silver? Nishiyama, nishiyama?? Ike?? Otani? Yuki ??? Is it? U-??? ? Shiden? Hana Sugimori ? You're a young man. Ayon Sugisaki Yu? Kaoru Nakanishi ? Nobuhiro? Yuri Nomura Kyoko. Hayashi Chaori ? Phase? Miho Kato Oe? Toina Kitahara ? The city? Rina Nagaku Shima? Koyuki Sugasawa ? Tosen Gonqing Chun? Ayaka Yoshida


Original? Like a Lion - Sengoku Hao Senki - ?? ix Waves Inc. All Rights Reserved? ? Screenplay? Ryo Fujiwara ? Directing? Yuki Tanaka


2020/9/29 (Tue) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

09月29日(火) 19:00【A】
09月30日(水) 19:00【B】
10月01日(木) 14:00【A】 / 19:00【B】
10月02日(金) 14:00【B】 / 19:00【A】
10月03日(土) 14:00【B】 / 18:00【A】
10月04日(日) 12:00【A】 / 16:00【B】

Ticket Fee

All seats are free: 6,500 yen (with special brochure, tax included)
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