The 9th Sakuma Jiro Noh Association "Sanyokai"

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The performance content

"Noh that is easy for beginners to understand" is the concept, and "Sanyokai" which has performed a performance with a clear story and high drama is also the ninth time this year. This time, in the performance of "Present Things" that only people who live in the real world appear, we will perform Noh "Night Soga" based on "Soga Monogatari". This performance is set in the scene of the avenging over the climax on the story. Especially this time, I will put a small book of "Jubangiri" and deliver a great live play in which the Soga brothers fight a total of 14 enemies.
The hot story of young samurai unfolding on the Noh stage of the three sides! Please enjoy it to your heart's content.

This time there is also a commentary of "Soga Monogatari" by the master of Tachikawa-style rakugo artist "Tachikawa Danshiro" to a special guest!
br /> [Finish] Kosode Soga
>br />Soga brothers who have made up their mind to head to the foothest of Fuji to avenge their father's nephew, Kudo Keikei. At the request of his brother, Toshiro, who disobeyed his mother's orders and became friends with his younger brother Goro, who was taken in for his repatriation, the brother, Who was forgiven for his fine weather, said his last goodbye to his mother, and showed his spirit to avenge him. Originally, my mother gave me a small sleeve as a methrid, and since I wore it and danced in it, I got the name "Kosode Soga." Please see it as a pre-chapter to Noh "Night Soga".
br /> [Kyogen] Nariaki
Taro, who visited Shimizu while waiting for his master, steals the precious sword he had kept from his master to "swindler" while he was dozing. When I woke up, all I had was a bamboo cane that the sour had instead.
The troubled Taro crowner tells a lie to his master, "The sword has been made up and it has become a bamboo cane."
Taro crowned person who was at a loss for excuses, the excuse close to the word play is heard.
br />>
[Noh] Night Soga-Tenth Slash-

May. By the order of Minamoto Yoritomo, a large volume hunting was carried out in the foothout of Fuji. At that time, soga brothers who got the information that the samurai of Kanto gather all at once learned that Kudo Keikei, the nephew of the parents, would accompany the place, and decided to avenge it.
Brother SogaJuro Yoshinari (Tsure) and brother Goro Tokisi (Cite) get mixed up in these samurai group and set up a position at the foot of Fuji with two of their caretaker, Danzaburo and Onio. The brother who missed the chance of the avenging many times so far. Then, goro of the younger brother proposes to avenge the night attack tonight, and the elder brother also shows agreement to that. Two people finally decided to avenge Kudo tonight, but only one brother had to worry by all means. It's about a mother who left her 1 in her hometown. If you avenge him, you will never be able to return alive. Two people who think about mother's body after their death single-mindedly try to have Danzaburo who is a family member have the methrever of each at least to the filially done, and to deliver it to mother. The two of Danzaburo and Onio, who were called before long, were told to that effect by Tenro and resulsed greatly. All of the things I've done so far have been to avenge Kudo and only hope to die in the same place with his brothers. It makes only two brothers die for some reason, and it refuses from the face if it is not heard even if it is said by the lord whether only we can live. When Goro sees it, he rages and forces Danzaburo and his team to return to their hometowns, with their hands on the sword on their hips. It discusses after that, and it is likely to sting together when it is better to do self-harm in this place if it returns as it is though it is two people who consented to the momentum of too much for the time being. Surprised by the situation, Goro hastily pressed him down, and After calming his mind once again, he talked about their current state of mind and their compassion for his mother, and tried to persuade Danzaburo and others. Before long, Toshiro entrusts the letter to mother to the family who heard it, and Goro entrusts the defense which does not separate to the skin from usual, and sees off two people with tears when this is a parting of this life. (Medium)
Well, that night. Suddenly, a shinto officer (Eye) came out crying and rolling while wearing a sleeping figure. The official (eye) who saw it asks what happened. The name of the shinto officer is Otouchi. Two young samurai who call themselves Soga brothers come to the bedside where it slept for a long time, and it talks about how it attacked Kudo who was next to it and avenged it with tears. It takes the opportunity, and the inside of the mansion becomes a fuss to the top down, and the soldiers of the guard stand up to defeat Soga brothers at once.
Before long, the Soga brothers, who faced Yoritomo's army, fought to the death against 10 enemies. When his younger brother Goro chases one of them to escape, Nita Shiro Tadanao comes to the place where it is left. Tosei and Nida, who will be in a one-on-one fight for a while. Before long, Nita, who had defeated Tosei's sword, tried to leave the place as it was, but he said, "It's a shame not to stab him. Take my head off!", Nita tearfully avenged him and returned to the camp with his head in his hand.
After that, many samurai search for brothers, including Goro Furuya, who is a strong man. The only person who showed up there was Goro Toki. Time continued to call the name of the elder brother single-mindedly while looking at the army which was in line. It was after he avenged Kudo. On the way to Yoritomo's sleeping place on the momentum, Nita Shiro and his brother had heard from the people that they had been fighting and were completely avenged. Goro laments that he wanted to die in one place at least after he achieved his real life. The soldiers who saw it immediately challenge the battle at the time. The first thing to do is Goro Furuya. It was quite a strong samurai, but as soon as he saw that the blade of the time was flashing a little earlier, Furuya's body was cut in two at once. Gosho Goromaru who saw it thinks that it is not possible to compete in a head-to-head game, and it becomes a woman by using wisdom, and it gos out to the strategy which invites the guard of the time. Time and sorrow which lost the elder brother and the tiredness which exchanged the war with the old house debilitate both mind and body, and it is thought that Goromaru is a woman, and it is caught off guard and it will pass in front of it. Goromaru was assembled from behind on the machine. Time is thrown on the ground by squeezing the last power, and it is pushed back oppositely, and the place where it falls is caught by other samurai, and it is pulled out before Yoritomo.

Story "Soga Monogatari"
Tachikawa Danshiro (Tachikawa-style rakugo artist)
>br /> gt;Finish
"Kosode Soga"
Nagashima Mitsuru Sakuma Jiro
"Hagoro/br /> Yoshiyuki Kansei

Local songs
Kanta Nakamori
Keisuke Suzuki
Maiko Arai <;br />Koji Kubota
br />>
Kyogen "Nari-up"
Ad(Lord) Hiroki Nomura
Ad(Sour)Takano Kazunori
Noh "Night Soga" Tobanse
[Goro Tokisa] Sakuma Jiro
[Tenro Yoshinari] Nagashima Mitsuru
[Danzaburo] Shintaro Saka
[Onio] Kengo Tanimoto
[Nita Tadashi] Tsune] Fukuo Kazuyuki
[Otouchi] Nomura Mansaku
[Kariba no Hito] Nomura Yusai
>br /> [Heishishige] Kenichi Aoki
[Yoshika Keigo] Nakasho Yoshio
[Okabe Tadamitsu] Matsuyama Takayuki
[Hori Narukei] Masaki Mano
[Uda Kunimune] Mitsuaki Sasazawa
[AikoKitaka] Tsuneharu Okukawa
[Kaino Yukimin] Takashi Shibata
[Hara Kiyomasa] Hideaki Kojima
[Shirashima Weshin] Takahiro Kitanami
[Mr. Shinkai Tada] Endo Kazuhisa
[Furuya Goro] Naotaka Kakumoto
[Gosho Goromaru] Kozo Nagayama & br /> [Shukunao no Tsuji] Kennosuke Nakamori
[Shukuna no Tsuji] Tsunenari Okukawa
br />Whistle Hiroyuki Matsuda
Kotsuzumi Yotaro Kotsuzawa
Otsume Kamei Hirotada
>br />See
Kansei Yoshiyuki
Yoshihisa Endo
Miki Kawai>br />br />Local Songs
Kansei Yoshimasa
Nakamori Kanta
;br />Keisuke Suzuki
Maiko Arai
Koji Kubota

Scheduled to end around 4:30 p.m. 

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Jiro Sakuma ? Yusai Nomura Mansae Nomura Hiroki Nomura Yoshiyuki Kanse ? Kanse Kimasa ? Kazuyuki Fukuo Hirotada Kamei Other


Jiro Sakuma


2020/12/5 (Sat)

14:00- Story "Soga Monogatari"
>br />14:25 :00-Break

15:20-Noh "Night Soga"

16:30 Scheduled to end

br />

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A Noh group presided over by Kansei-style Nohist Jiro Sakuma. Activities to spread Noh music in Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture (workshops, Performances of Noh music for students, etc.) are carried out. Since 1998, the organization has been established as "Introduction to Noh Course: Hana no Yingshirbe." As a new Noh performance group "Sanyokai" from 2012, he started his activities at the National Noh Theater. In particular, he is actively performing Noh performances for the younger generation and beginners.


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