The Other Life vol.11
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[NEW! (2020/09/18)
09/22 (Tuesday/holiday) 15:00 New talk show added!
Guest: Kurata Kaoru

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This performance was scheduled to be performed from June 18-28, 2020, but from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new Coronavirus virus, the performance will be postponed to September.
We originally planned 12 stages, but we will increase the number of performances to 15 times and reduce the capacity of one stage.
We are also plans to "follow up" (after Senraku, the recorded video will be distributed for a limited time) so that customers who are still difficult to visit the theater can see the theater.

(Announced on May 6th Postponed Performance )
(Announced on June 15th)
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We will proceed with measures to ensure that everyone can feel safe watching "Butterfly Is Free" regarding the new Coronavirus infection countermeasures during the performance.
Details of measures will be announced on the official website in view of the latest situation.
We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation in anti-infection measures.
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>You taught me. We have free feathers.

Don is a blind young man who wants to be a musician. I lost my father early and grew up without difficulty under my strict mother. Don starts living alone in a cheap apartment in Manhattan with a deadline of only two months. Jill, an aspiring actress who moved into the next room. Jill, who has a serious, pure don and open personality, is attracted to each other and deepens his understanding. However, the mother who doted on her son broke her promise not to visit for two months and suddenly appeared in her apartment.
br />The Other Life is a masterpiece born in a small theater overseas on the stage in Tokyo.
Based on this concept, The Other Life was born in 1997. It is another face of studio life that unfolds taking advantage of the benefits of a small theater space, different from performances that perform literary and atsumi works such as "The Heart of Toma" (original by Mochito Toma), "The Fountain of Death" (written by Hiroko Minamikawa), and "White Nights" (original by Keito Higashino).

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Jill? Kiyoyuki Ito ? Don? Takuma Miyazaki?? tyle office? Mrs. Baker? Kaiji Sosei ? Ralph? Koji Omura


Work? Leonardo Gersh ? Translation? Emiko Kuroda ? Directing? Jun Kurata


2020/9/20 (Sun) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

Note: Performances for performances
09/22 (Tuesday/holiday) 15:00 -
09/24 (Thursday) 19:00
09/27 (Sunday) 13:00
09/30 (Wed) 13:00
Each 7 people Total 28 people
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*Preschool children are not allowed to come.
※Wheelchair users should contact Studio Life in advance.

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