It's not even a play! It's not even a musical! It's not even a circus!
Non-verbal performance "Gear-GEAR-" [voucher]

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The stage is an old toy factory. Doll, once the product, touches the working humanoid robot "Roboroid", acquires emotions, and approaches humans.

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Mimes? Yoro-no-ki-♂-mura Wataru £J Keigo-Pupae F Ryutaro-Shi-Eya ? Breakdance? KATSU's £B Ya-Sai OPPY-Supy-Supy-Supy-Supy-To-Sun-Tsai?</a0> Magic? Shinko Kagemi °CR Shimoshogo -Emoto Masaya-Shida Yusei &汕 Fanz Shoto ? Juggling? Sakata Shingo en'en%nbe Akira$[Kawaaki's Lagoon X Bon Ueda' -> Tato Naoto 燉逑? - Doll?


Directing? On Cakyo ? Stage art? Takahiro Shibata ? Video director? Kiyotaka Yoshimitsu ? 3DCG production? Kazuhiro Ishibashi ? Music? Toyota Nachifu$Shimura Jun-O CO Mura Shingo ? Choreography? Naoko Maki ? Producer? Keito Ohara


2020/8/8 (Sat) 〜2020/9/27 (Sun)

From Saturday, August 8, 2020 to Sunday, September 27, 2020
br />Performance date/start time>
For more information, please check the performance schedule on the official website.

(Performances after September will be released sequentially)
※ Due to changes in coronavirus infection status, etc., there is a case to be changed inevitably. Thank you for your understanding.

Ticket Fee

5,5,100 yen ※This is a "valid ticket for the period" that requires a separate reservation in advance.
Please be sure to check the remarks column before purchasing.

+ Ticketing Fee


Kyoto Gear Theater (ART COMPLEX 1928)


Notes on valid tickets during the period:

*Eligible performance period: Saturday, August 8, 2020 - Sunday, September 27, 2020
※This is not a seat ticket that can be entered as it is. After purchasing and ticketing valid tickets during the
period, you will need to make a reservation with the performance office by phone.

?Before purchasing tickets, please check the official website ( for the schedule of
performance dates and dates of performances you wish to perform.
?After confirming the performance schedule and the desired performance date and time, please complete the purchase procedure of the valid ticket during
period from this page, and complete the ticketing at 7-Eleven.
? Please call [Performance Office (Gear Information)] at 18:00 2 days before the desired performance date and book the desired performance schedule.
lt;br /> [Reservation window] Gear Information 0120-937-882 (10:00-19:00)
Or 075-254-6520

※When you call, you will be able to make a valid ticket reservation with Confetti.
Please come to the reception desk on the day of the performance.
※ If it is full, such as a chartered performance, you may not be able to prepare a seat on your desired schedule.
Please make a reservation as soon as possible.

※Changes and refunds are not allowed after booking is confirmed.
※ Cast varies depending on the date and time of the performance. There is a case where the performer is changed.
For more information, please visit the official website.

※Prohibited for-profit resale.
※ We may ask you to show your ID card at the reception desk on the day.
※ When you re-enter by coming or leaving after the start time, you may not be able to wait for admission or to guide you to the designated seat.

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