National Theatre September Bunraku Performance

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Performance content

● Part 1 (starting at 11:00 a.m.) ●
b>font color="blue">Suto Sanbanso/b>

>b>font color="blue">嫗 yamaba/b> (Komochiya Manba)
br />lt;b>2 part 2 (start at 1:45 p.m.)lt;br />lt;b>b>b>b>>>>>><>font color="blue">鑓's Gonmiji Shishi lt;lt;/b> (Dono-no-Zaka Nekatabira)
Hama no Miyababa-no-dan
Asaka-shi Noshin-no-ie-no-dan
Sukiyaan dan&br/> Sukiyaan dan&br/> Sukiyaan dan&br/> Fushimi Kyobashi Wife's Stage
lt;br />●Part 3 (starting at 5:00 p.m.) ot;blue">Picture Book Taikoki (Ehontai Koki)
Evening Shelf Dan
Dan of Amagasaki

● Part 4 (start at 7:45 p.m.) -
Introduction to Bunraku -Discover BUNRAKU-
Commentary Let's start Bunraku
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2020/9/5 (Sat) 〜2020/9/22 (Tue)

9/10 (Thursday) 11:00 / 13:45 / 17:00 / 19:45
09/16 (Wednesday) 11:00 / 13:45 / 17: 00 / 19:45
Thursday, September 17 11:00 / 13:45 / 17:00 / 19:45
lt;br />[09] Part] 11:00 start (scheduled to end at 12:35)
[Part 2] 13:45 start (scheduled to end at 15:55)
[Part 3] 17:00 start (part 3) start (17:00 start ) Scheduled to end at 18:30)
[Part 4] 19:45 start (scheduled to end at 21:00)
>lt;br />The first part of the opening time is scheduled to be 30 minutes before the start. The opening hours of the second, third, and fourth parts are scheduled as soon as they are ready after the performance of the previous part.
※ You can use the second floor dining room and rest area during the replacement time.

Ticket Fee

"Part 1, Part 2, Part 3" (parts) lt;br />font color="#d30404">First-come-first-come-first-served! 1st class seat General: 5,500 yen → >>br>>>><>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>color="#d30404">>> 1 Equal Seat General: 4,500 yen → Venue

National Theatre Small Theater


※ There is a case of partial change to the contents, schedule, performers. Please understand in advance.
※ Old characters, etc. may be displayed in some different notations.
※For people with disabilities, 2 discount is available. There is also space for wheelchairs. For more information, please contact the Ticket Center.
[Inquiry: National Theatre Ticket Center [10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.]
0570-07-9900/03-3230-3000 [Some IP phones, etc.]

>>b>Part 4 Introduction to Bunraku -Discover BUNRAKU- About Discover BUNRAKU-
lt;br />● We will distribute Japanese and English programs free of charge.
● You can use the Japanese and English earphone guides free of charge.

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