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Itami Machinaka Theater "Taste Stage VOl.3" "Itami Note"

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In Itami in autumn, eye fortune x mouth fortune.
Enjoy delicious food and play and dance as a set at Itami's restaurants!

0 Performance: Itami Note
"D Shop" built near Kunyang Pond in the 1950s.
Through the story of a woman who was a daughter, wife, and mother, the scars of war are vivid, and it depicts how the age of prosperity finally enters.
Please enjoy the scenery and life of Itami that will move with the times with photographs that capture the old Itami.

Venue: Anton
A long-established Italian restaurant in its 37th year. Authentic gibier dishes such as steak and cutlet made with venison from Hyogo Prefecture are famous. Please spend your time in the shop of a homely atmosphere.
Nishidai 3-chome 1-12, Itami City, Hyogo 072-770-2923
Opening hours/[Lunchtime] 11:30-15 :00, [Dinner time] 17:00-22:00 ※L.O.21:00

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Miho An


Work? Sesame Hae + Omichi Minami ? Directing? Sesame hae ? Lighting and acoustics? S.F.C. Co., Ltd. Advertising art? Ryota Yamaguchi?? LowAmp? Advertising illustrations? Yamamura Shoko ? Shooting? Tomoya Nakasay?? Tudio Cheer?


2020/10/2 (Fri)

Friday, October 2, Reiwa 12:00/19:00
lt;br />1 hour of meals + 30-45 minutes

Ticket Fee

Meal and performance fee included, by drink fee (advance sale): 3,000 yen (incl. tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Italian Restaurant Anton


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Itami Cultural and Sports Foundation
IHall (Itami City Theater Hall)


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