LIVE musical play "Chargeman Lab! R-2


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★ Canfeti September Interview Article br />>
LIVE musical play "Chargeman Lab! R-2
Decided to be held at Shinjuku FACE!

>★★>★ [Hero Precede] Benefits: 2L Edition Set Bromide (Hero Ver.)

Reception Period: August 6 (Thu) 20:00 -8/16 (Sunday) 23:59End of lottery>
Results Announcement: Thursday, August 20 Results notified

>[About paying for tickets]
Seven-Eleven Settlement: August 20 (Thu) After notification of the winning results -August 24 (Monday) 23:59br /> Credit card payment: Immediate payment at the time of winning

[Ticketing period]September 25 (Friday) 10:00 a.m. br />
About Beginner Seats
(Updated September 9, 2020)

This time, as a new coronavirus infection countermeasure, we have decided to cancel the standing seat that was originally planned, change, and prepare a seat of the seating type as a beginner seat in the same ticket fee.
We are very sorry to customers who have requested a standing seat. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

The reason is that standing seats that are freer than seated are not sure to keep a distance from nearby people.
What we had been thinking about until now was to ensure safety by specifying the area of each person on the floor and standing in it at a distance that protected the social distance in the standing area.
However, it turns out that it is more difficult than expected that a long standing customer does not move even one step from it while the performance started and it was exciting only by specifying the area to the last.
We also thought about approaching the management staff to be careful each time, but we couldn't wipe away the concern that people would get closer and more dense. I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for the change.
With, we will suddenly make the standing seat a beginner seat, and we will sell the seat of the seat type that the ticket fee is the same amount as the seat seat type that it is difficult to see the seat in the rear and part of the stage.

In order to remove the element that other customers feel a little uneasy under the situation of corona, and to make this work a situation where everyone who likes this work can watch it with as much peace of mind as possible, we have become an agonizing choice, but thank you for your understanding.
In addition, the number of seats will be reduced by changing from a standing seat to a beginner seat to have you feel free to watch the play.
We will do our best to support as many people as possible so that you can enjoy it as much as possible at home.

We are preparing to announce it soon, so please be waiting for a while if you wish.

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Chargeman Lab? Furuya Yamato-Ta-Tatsu hayato-%malaise? C's °C 瘉艪 ' samu ? Izumi Caron? Hirozuki Hoshimoto ? Hiroshi Izumi? Rintaro Shinohara ? Star-kun? Yuki Fujiwara ? The Role of the Dural Star? Hama Ron ? The demon king? Kohei Murakami ? The Dural stars? Adachi Unpei ♂ 尠 | Su-O-Ta Koki-a-lower wing ? Taking a day (daily appearance, appearance date undecided)? Seijiro Nakamura?? Shungo A


Directing? Kimra Makoto ? Screenplay? Naohiro Ise ? Music? Isamu Tejima ? Choreography? Shoji Toyama?? - Stick?


2020/10/10 (Sat) 〜2020/10/18 (Sun)

Saturday, October 10 19:00
Sunday, October 11 13:00 / 18:00
Monday, October 12 19:00
Tuesday, October 13 19:00
Wednesday, October 14 14:00 / 19:00
Thursday, October 15 19:00
Friday, October 16 19:00
Saturday, October 17 13:00 / 18:00
October 18 (Sunday) 12 :00 / 17:00

>>Rest (daily)
Sunday, October 11, 18:00?? Shunsuke
October 12 (Monday) 19:00 Seijiro Nakamura
October 14 (Wed) 19:00 Seijiro Nakamura
October 15 (Thu) 19:00?? Shunsuke
Friday, October 16 19:00 Seijiro Nakamura

Ticket Fee

Jural seat: 11,000 yen (front 2 rows, with benefits
Premium seat: 9,000 yen)
General seat: 6,000 yen
Beginner seat: 3,000 yen
All seats reserved and tax included)

All seats are common: other than cheering avatars, drink fee is 500
> If you purchase more than one ticket, there is a possibility that your seat will leave. Thank you for your understanding.
+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku FACE


※※Notices for application and visit,>Customer Notice, and then apply for a ticket.
br />※Preschool children are not allowed
*Ticketing will start on Friday, September 25.
※We ask all customers to wear masks. We agree with you by applying.
※We will give face shield to customers up to the second row, so please wear it. Other guests are also encouraged to bring and wear a face shield.
★ Confetti customers who purchase face shield gifts are available at Here
※We will announce the precautions for your visit again depending on the situation of the spread of the new coronavirus infection at the time of the performance, including the notes that are currently announced, so please be sure to check and visit.
※ Ticket refunds will not be refunded in principle except in the case of cancellation of the performance.

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