Yoko Hasegawa (Cello) & Mino Kawasawa (Piano) Duo Recital

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<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>Popper: Hungarian Rhapsody
Mancini (edited by Tatsuhiko Nakahara): Himawari
Mancini (edited by Masanori Kato): Moon River
Andrew Lloyd Webber (edited by Mino Kawazawa): Phantom of the Opera
Piazzolla: Tanti Anni Prima
Chopin: Nok Turn Op.9-2 (Cello & Piano Version)
Rogers (edited by Masanori Kato): The Sound of Music Medley
* * *
Takashi Yoshimatsu: Three Songs from a Distance
-Caccini's Ave Maria/Amazing Grace/Hometown
Ponce (edited by Kahazawa Mino ed.): Estrrreata
Kahazawa Mino Arrangement: Skaboro Fair < ;br />[Kawazawa Mino's Request Corner]
Kawasawa Mino: Rain Prague
Casado: Words of Love

Many thoughts and desires were put into this program.
This spring, people all over the world were forced to face experienceless trials, and I myself was one of those people who was about to be crushed by that anxiety.
It was thanks to the music that I was still able to keep my mind calm.
The tone of the cello always gently wraps the heart that was a touch.
October, refreshing autumn afternoon.
I can't wait to see Mino Kahazawa, my favorite and respected composer, smiling and standing on the stage of Opera City.
We will present the best time of healing and encouragement with the "thoughts" of the whole body.
You can't change the time that has passed, but you can change the future as positively as you want with "thoughts".
We hope to support your "thoughts" through music.

Yoko Hasegawa

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Yoko Hasegawa?? 'Ero? Kahazawa Mino?? s Ano?



2020/10/21 (Wed)

Wednesday, October 21, 13:30 start / 12:50 open
※15:30 schedule

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on the day of this performance.
Please understand.

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Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall


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Please refrain from accompanying preschoolers. In addition, one ticket per person is required to enter.
, all seats are reserved. Please watch in the designated seat.
The use of photography, recording, recording, mobile phone, etc. in the hall is strictly prohibited.
Resale of tickets by online auction, etc., will be refused because it may cause trouble.
If it becomes a nuisance to other customers, you may be asked to leave at the discretion of the organizer.

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