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A year before that battle...
Three schools are a little off the adjacent area
Security is said to be the worst in the prefecture, Hongxia Industry ...

Yura was here.

I didn't win...
The three of you have been together for a long time
Fight many times
No matter how many times you try...

It hurts if you lose, doesn't it?
What do you think will happen if you win?

If you win, you'll know something.
So I... I'm second to none anymore.

Until you know something about it.

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Ue Niki ? Issei Yoshikai ? Yuki Iwasa ? Kenichi Yumoto ? Goki Edan ? Shohei Domoto ? Hidehiro Ando ? Taiichiro Matsumura ? Kaishin Aida ? Takashi Asami ? K?ya Takashi ? Kotori Kojima ? Mafuji Mochizuki ? Takemasa Kajiyama ? Takuya Horikoshi ? What do you want me to do? Keisuke Teraki ? Yamasu Sato ? Koki Kanazawa ? Okumura, etc. ? Ken Saeki ? Yusuke Akiba


Written and directed? Shigeya Hagiwara


2020/8/12 (Wed) 〜2020/8/16 (Sun)

08/12 (Wednesday) 18:30
08/13 (Thursday) 18:30
08/14 (Friday) 13:00 / 18:30
28 people each
>br />※ We will announce the contents that take into account COVID-19 measures for reception start and lobby opening time.
※There is a break on the way.
**120-minute schedule
br/>>b>b>[After Talk Content]lt;br />Free Talk
Gift Lottery: With the lottery number to ask visitors to purchase original set goods. (Detailed date later)

◆MC: Kondo> Teraki (all stages)
08/12 (Wednesday) 18:30-
<登壇キャスト> Kamihito, Akiba, Yoshikai, Yumoto
br />08/13 (Thursday) 18:30-
<登壇キャスト> Yoshikai, Ando, Asami, Kojima, Horikoshi & br />
08/14 (Friday) 13:00-
<登壇キャスト> Kamihito, Akiba, Yoshikai, Yumoto < &br />
08/14 (Fri) 18:30-
<登壇キャスト> Yumoto, <登壇キャスト>, Yamazaki, Takashi, Kajiyama, Mochizuki

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28名限定!S席7,500円 → 6,000円さらに500Pゲット!
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