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fly, daddy, fly

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Not only in Japan, but all over the world have been frightened by the emergence of new viruses, and in the last few months, I've been scared of the emergence of new viruses.
It was also a precious time to waste and see a lot of things.
What is a nation? What is a nation? And what is morals?
Because it is such a time, the power of love to meet new people, the wonderfulness of human power!
We're going to prove that it's <舞台芸術が人間の生命維持に必要不可欠>.

>>>br />-What is true happiness?
47-year-old Kazukazu Suzuki, 47-year-old />He was a good salaried worker who had a single-family house in the suburbs, even though he was small, and that he had a detached house in the suburbs and valued his wife and daughter from his life.
If you want to protect your loved ones
willing to live!
believed so!
...until that day comes!

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Ai Sasaki ? Kazunobu Aoki ? Hiroaki Narumi ? Tetsuya Sato ? Minoru Yoneyama ? Masashi Okinaga ? Daisuke Shirahata ? Misa Takahashi ? Takahiro Haruki ? Akihiro Fujiwara ? Masatoshi Penuchi ? Yudai Ida ? Yusuke Tamenaga ? Naoki Saito ? Okada Yoritomo ? Shotaro Sanae ? Takayuki Tanaka ? Yoshiko Matsunaga ? Masayoshi Iwasaki ? Tai Kuwahara ? Naoya Sunagawa ? Nihei Tenho ? Chika Ichikawa ? Sawako Gomi


Original? Kazuki Kinjo?? u-fly, daddy, fly" (Kadokawa Bunko) ? Screenplay? Yuichi Saito ? Directing? Takahiro Tamura


2020/8/6 (Thu) 〜2020/8/16 (Sun)

08/06 (Thursday) 19:00 start
08/08/08 (Saturday) 19:00 start
08/11 (Tuesday) 19:00 00 start
08/13 (Thursday) 14:00 start

※ Opening is 30 minutes before the start
* Please come wearing a mask.

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Toku price for a reason! Ticket>
;font color="#d30404">First-come-first-served! General: 5,500 yen (incl. tax) → ★ note/b>/b>>br>.
Even if you purchase more than one sheet, it will not be a seat next to you.
Please note.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Theatre West


[Efforts to prevent the spread of corona infection]
※ We will prepare the seating space sufficiently apart.
※We will strive for ventilation and hygiene management in the theater.

[Request for your cooperation]
* Please come wearing a mask.
※Please cooperate with the temperature test at the time of admission (by thermography).
※ The seats are well separated from each seat and will be prepared.
※ In order to secure the seating interval, we will perform by reducing the number of seats. Because there are no extra seats, it becomes difficult to enter on the way.
※ Please do not cancel or change the ticket.

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