Choir Edo Coraliazu
Demonstration Experiment of Edo
Choir Edo Coraliazu Concert

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[Request to customers to hold concerts]
This performance will be held as a demonstration experiment for holding concerts based on new corona measures
Please note that the number of seats sold is greatly narrowed down to prevent three secrets
. If the name and contact information (confetti registration information) of the visitor is provided if there is a request of the public health center, we will provide the name and contact information (confetti registration information) of the visitor
, in order to grasp the visitors, please use the confetti registration ID of the visitor himself
(limited to one simultaneous purchase ticket)
We have compiled other customer requests on our website, so please check together
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The turtle dove
English Folk Song Arrangement/Ralph Vaughan Williams
Didn't My Load Deliverer Daniel
Spirtuals /Venno Health
Psaume 121
Composer/Darius Milhaud
Miyagi Folk Song Arrangement / Takehana Hideaki
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>br />Waku Waku
author /Tanikawa Shuntaro /Nobunaga Takatomi
Lyrics/ 2012 graduates of Elementary and High School Junior High School in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture (Composition: Miki Oda)
Composer / Oda Miki Arr. / Nobunaga Takatomi
Lyrics/Composition/Moriyama Naotaro, Okachimachi Kite Arrangement /Nobunaga Takatomi
Lips (from "Song to the Lips" for Male Chorus and Piano)
Poem / Casaris Flachlen / Nobunaga

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Command? Takuya Yamawaki , Masayuki Koda ? Piano? Masayuki Murata ? Chorus? Choir Edo Coraliazu



2020/8/16 (Sun)

Sunday, August 16, 2:30 p.m.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved (advance): 500 yen (incl. tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Hachioji City Arts and Culture Center Icho Hall Large Hall


Organizations Overview

Students in their 20s and 30s and working people are the main members of the company, and they continue their activities vigorously in pursuit of the new appeal of male chorus.
As a flexible choir that constantly changes regardless of tradition, we value an atmosphere that is not bound by age or university, and while we follow up with members who cannot participate due to personal reasons from a medium-term and short-term perspective, we seek the guidance of Hiroshi Oshima as a voice trainer in order to solve the problem of vocalization. Under the motto of
Everyone plays the leading role, he is working to acquire a new sound and style of male chorus.


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