KAKUTA 29th Performance
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KAKUTA's masterpiece "Hitoyo"
re-enacted for the first time in five years with a new cast! !

"Hitoyo", which premiered in 2011, re-enacted in 2015, and was made into a film directed by Kazuya Shiraishi last year.
gorgeous guest performance, welcome a new cast, dress also newly performed decision! !

Please look forward to it.
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The day my father died. My sinner left home promising to come back in 15 years --
Time has flowed from that night that changed my life. My mother returned to the taxi company in the countryside where she still operates to her family's waiting house. What are the scars of the children left behind? What is my mother's secret cry?
A drama of requiem and departure that takes place in a rural taxi company.

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Ari Watanabe ? Yuko Kuwahara ? Masaki Seisei ? Katsuya Wakasa ? Natsuha Hengida ? Kaori Tada ? Yasusuke Tani ? Harue Sakai ? Ran Takahashi ? Kentaro Araki ? Kantaro Kubo ? Mie Kobayashi ? Yutaka Maido


Written and directed? Yuko Kuwahara


2020/9/3 (Thu) 〜2020/9/13 (Sun)

09/03 (Thu) 19:00
09/04 (Fri) 19:00br />09/05 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00 ◎
09/06 (Sun) 13:00
Monday, September 07 19:00
09/08 (Tuesday) 19:00
09/09 (Wednesday) 13:00
09/10 (Thursday) 13:00◎ / 19:00
Friday, September 11, 19:00
Saturday, September 12 13:00 / 18:00
Sunday, September 13, 13:00
*Doors open 30 minutes before the show starts.

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※After talk event may be canceled depending on the situation of future corona infection spread.

Ticket Fee

サービスデー:5,800円→ 5,500円!
+ Ticketing Fee


Honda Theater


※ It was changed from Za-Koenji, which was originally announced to Honda Theater.
※ Visitors after the start time may not be able to be guided to the designated seat.
※Please refrain from admission to preschoolers.

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