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It has been two years since I graduated from a musical school. My former classmates gathered in a dim warehouse.
Tsuyoshi wanted to start something. Meg believed in Tsuyoshi. Sora wanted to be a star. Jun had given up the stage. Maria was living a dangerous life. Kimiko and Takashi were opposed to marriage by their parents. Maki couldn't let go of the donut. Romi was in a wheelchair.
Nine people started making musicals in the warehouse. I didn't have any money. There was no one to count on. We had no choice but to write our own scripts, make music, and do all of the musical production. Still, I wanted to make our musical!

Hamanakatool wrote with love to those who want to musical, the definitive version of the youth musical!

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Nishiki Nautical Miles ? Ryuhei Okuda ? Takashi Homma Exhibition ? Kona Hayashi ? Mayuko Kira ? Maho Hirooka ? Yuyu Rozume ? Kazuiko Kajitani ? Hatsuka Vegetable Moon ? Ruriko Oibayashi ? Rei Misaki ? Kazuka Yamazaki ? Mitsuka Shiratori ? Maho Takagi ? Haruka Kawame ? Shuntaro Honda ? Hikaru Nakajima ? Hayato Musha ? Shoko Kashiwaya ? Mitsuto Kanon ? Rena Sanzen ? Sawako Sekine ? Nao Mizushima ? Sachi Hiraki ? Sako Sugata ? Fumiho Sano ? Arika Nasu ? ※ This performance will be a triple cast.


Composer, arrangement, music director? Hideya Yamaguchi ? Script and lyrics? Hamanakatool ? Directing? Saki Takahashi ? Choreography? Shinmaimi ? Production? Mayumi Kawada ? Producer? Toshiaki Takemoto's £? {Yoshinari ? Executive Producer?


2020/8/26 (Wed) 〜2020/8/31 (Mon)

*Eligible performances
08/27 (Thursday) 18:30 performances (Hoshigumi)
08/28 (Friday) 18:30 performance (Hana-Gumi)
08/29 (Saturday) 19:00 performance (Hana-gumi)
08/30 (Sunday) 17:00 0 performances (Hoshigumi)
08/31 (Mon) 13:00 performance (Tsukigumi)
4 people each 20 people
;>;>>>>>>> lt;br /><上演時間>br />About 2 hours (no break on the way)
*The performance time is approximate.
May be back and forth due to the organizer's circumstances.

Ticket Fee

20名限定!4,500円(全席指定・税込) → 3,700円さらに500Pゲット!

+ Ticketing Fee


Nakameguro Kinquero Theatre


Organizations Overview

In 1995, this creative musical theater company was founded on the behalf of the musical writer and director Hamanakatool for the purpose of presenting and disseminating new domestic musicals. He has produced numerous original musicals including "Awards", "Miracle of Lourdes", "Himeyuri", "Where To Go", "Mother Teresa Love Song", "Heart Sutra", "Nicky", "Junior", "Trouble Show" and "Time Flies". In recent years, he has also focused on performances based in Nagano, and has gained popularity. In addition, members of the theater company also appeared in various works such as Toho musical and are active.


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