Solo Debut 20th Anniversary Hiromitsu Uetsuma "Ikuichicho! Tour 2020-2021 "Tradition and Innovation"


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Return to origin in 2020.

Counting a total of 100 performances "Life Issicho! Tour is decided for the first time in five years!

Hiromitsu Kamitsuma has a brilliant track record of winning numerous Tsugaru shamisen competitions and has pursued the possibilities of traditional musical instruments while performing with various artists in Japan and abroad beyond the

I want you to experience the premium performance that you can experience the first-class technology and the sound of "raw sound" of Tsugaru shamisen, which is the true value!

-Uetsuma Hiromitsu "Ikuichicho! It is said that the Tsugaru Shamisen originally started with the art of getting money and food by playing and singing shamisen in front of houses called "kadotsuke".
In Niigata, blind women named goze,瞽, flowed to Tsugaru while "gated", and since tsugaru began to form a group of folk songs that incorporated songs and dances, performances began to be performed in various places.  

The front-playing of the shamisen, which was previously an accompaniment instrument, has captured the hearts of the audience (ad libs in the prelude of the song) and is now recognized as a solo instrument.

Most traditional musical instruments are played through speakers, and there are few opportunities to listen to "live music".

Hiromitsu Uetsuma pursues the possibility of evolution through the fusion of Western instruments and shamisen, but when he thinks about the history of shamisen, he is doing this tour because he thinks it's OK to have himself who sticks to raw sound, and the total number of performances has exceeded 100 performances.

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2020/9/12 (Sat)

9/12 (Saturday) 13:30 open / 14:00 start

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All seats reserved: 6,000 yen (incl. tax)
br />※Preschool children are not allowed to enter
※ For the new corona virus infection prevention measures, we will sell it at 50% of the capacity.
(subject to change depending on future situations)
※ In order to avoid adhesion and density, we may ask you to move your seat in the same row at the venue on the day. Thank you for your understanding.
※ If tickets are sold out at the time of advance sale, there will be no same-day ticket sales.

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Starz Otanomori Hall


Starz Otanomori Hall Ticket Center
04-7186-7638 (8:30-22:00)
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