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SUPERSONIC Postponed/font>(2020/08/17)

gt;SuperSonic, which was scheduled for September 19 (Sat), 20 (Sun) and 21 (Mon./Holiday), has been preparing to hold the event based on guidelines from the government and local governments while paying close attention to the spread of new coronavirus infection.
However, with regard to the visit to Japan of overseas artists who have become a concern
in addition to the situation where there is no prospect of lifting restrictions on entry into Japan under the "Prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection" measures,
In the midst of the spread of domestic and international infections over the past few weeks, we decided to postpone the event in 2021 after deciding that it would be difficult to ensure the safety of visitors, artists, and staff.
We will inform you of the postponement schedule as soon as we have coordination with the venue side.

We sincerely apologize to all of you who have purchased tickets, performing artists, and the companies involved who have worked hard to host the event, as well as the fact that we have postponed it with gratitude for your support so far.

The ticket you purchased will be valid as it is on next year's schedule, but we will respond to refunds to customers who wish to do so.

If you wish to receive a refund, please apply for a refund as follows.
If you wish to perform a transfer performance, we will contact you regarding ticket issuance as soon as the details are decided after the refund period ends.

[Refund application procedure]
[1] Please fill out the application form at the following URL. (You can check it from My Page)
(Please be sure to check the following [notes] before you enter)
Refund application form
lt;br /> Application form entry period: From 10:00 on Saturday, August 15 to 23:59 on Wednesday, September 30

In addition, we will deposit
"Ticket price x number of tickets + various fees incurred at the time of purchase".
lt;br /> Please note that the transfer fee (330 yen) will be borne by the purchaser.
*Please note that we will process the or decreased confetti points at the time of purchase as appropriate and refund them.

[Note] Please be sure to check
(1) Ticket refund can only be applied for by the purchaser. We cannot accept applications from people who are different from the purchaser or requests for refunds to different account names.
(If your name is your maiden name or you wish to transfer to your family's bank account, please select the check box for the relevant reason when you fill out the "refund application form")
(2) If the account information you entered is incomplete and you are unable to transfer money, you will receive a re-transfer fee of 1,100 yen at the time of re-transfer.
Please do not make a mistake, such as by having your passbook ready and entering it.
(3) Please note that you will not be able to refund if each acceptance deadline is passed.

★ After confirming your input and returned ticket, we will deposit it to your designated account by November 30, 2020.

Confetti Ticket Center
(Operation: Long-run Planning
03-6228-1630 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)
==================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================br />lt;br />
EASY LIFE's appearance dates have been changed from Tokyo 9/21 (Monday) to Osaka 9/19 (Saturday) and Tokyo 9/20 (Sunday).
We will not refund you due to the schedule change. Thank you for your understanding.
br />===================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================quot>
ZO Marine Stadium> Beach Makuhari Park!

First of all, we will inform you of the following items as a major guideline.

Capacity limits
Reduce capacity and arrange in-house layouts and guidance staff to maintain social distance.

/b>lt;br />Tokyo is 3 stages, Osaka is all outdoors in two stages.

Infection control>>Set up a temperature test, disinfection and hand washing area at the time of admission, and ask visitors and staff to wear masks.
We will set up an area where you can rest at a distance between customers.

..<>We may provide your name and contact information at the time of entry and ticket purchase to public health centers such as public health centers based on government requests.
We may also ask you to confirm your ID at the time of admission.
Please download and register the "New CoronaVirus Contact Confirmation App" before coming. /seisanunitsuite/bunya/cocoa_00138.html>br />lt;br />./Video distribution
We plan to distribute video for guests who cannot come.

Specific measures and details will be announced on the official website and SNS from time to time, taking into account the future situation, etc.
We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation in infection prevention measures and special operations.

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9/19 (Saturday)? THE 1975'IAM GALLAGHER: ATBOY SLIM, SIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, LEAN BANDIT (DJ Set)! AN BROWN's ONES AND I, URORA. EABADOOBEE. iSH. LOSSOMS<a0></a0><a1></a1><a2></a2></a1>Karoun-pencil- SQUID'仝-ATELPARKS-ASY-LIFE<a2></a2><a4></a4><a4></a4></a5>X Teleogallry</a1><a2></a2></a0><a3></a5></a5><a5></a5></a0><a5></a5></a0><a5></a5><a5></a5></a0><a2> ping Act? 9/20 (Sunday)? SKRILLEX Igitalism. ON DIABLO's "IKKY ROMERO" O'Ryri Pamyu Pamyu-仝arNymph (Grimes DJ Set) - ONAN GRAY ,reepy Nuts -ASY LIFE(ri-AX JONES 烽 Act? ping Act? 9/21 (Monday)? POST MALONE RACK EYED PEAS仝 U-TANG CLAN?8RIING (Rich Brian, NIKI + MORE) AD HOP... helmico. OMINIC FKE;HOSTEMANE&Sui Daisuke! DKHOW Ikaze-KY-HI-Nungurizu?? ping Act?E?^moinotake?? ping Act? pingIng Act?



2020/9/19 (Sat) 〜2020/9/21 (Mon)

9:30 open on Saturday, September 19 / 11:30 start
09/20 (Sunday) 9:30 open / 11:30 start
09/21 (Mon./holiday) 9:30 open / 11:30 start <&br> />

Ticket Fee

1DAY TICKET: 14,000 yen
3DAY TICKET: 36,000 yen
※All amounts are inclusive of tax
>>>br />>>>> gt;Venue

ZOZO Marine Stadium & Makuhari Seaside Park


Please be sure to check Notes on the official website.

※We will not refund due to artist changes.
※The artist's date of appearance and the stage of appearances are subject to change.
※Admission to each venue may be restricted.
※Rainy weather
※Free admission to preschoolers (excluding platinum award area)

※This performance is not eligible for "Buyback Service".

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