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God Mitaina Time

The performance was canceled.

Performance content

[October performance "God Mitaina Time" performance postponement and movie announcement of the movie]
thank you very much for your support to the planning theater group Bokula Dangi on a daily basis.

In view of the increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the past month or so, the Bokla Danyi vol.23 "God Mitaina Time" which has been postponed from the sale of the ticket will be officially discontinued this time for the October performance of 2020. We would like to express our deepest apologies to everyone who looked forward to the performance.

We do not practice or shoot at this time, and there are no members in the theater company who are unwell. In addition, members who are currently performing in other performances also perform PCR tests by the organization, and have received negative reports.

However, in view of the situation so far, such as the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo alone, two months from now, it is difficult to determine whether we will be able to deliver the performances that Bokla Dangi wants to deliver to customers and the space that we want to taste to customers, so we have come to the conclusion.

, but even in this current situation,
In this current performer, and as a current Borcra Dangi, I decided to aim to make
br /> "God Mitai Time" in the same cast as a result of ripening whether or not I can somehow deliver this "God Mitaina time" to the customer.

Of course, we are a theater organization, and it is not easy to accomplish a film of a work that we were supposed to make on stage. There are already a lot of problems that need to be cleared toward film making.

is now in this situation,
"How to somehow see the work you started making"
"How to enjoy the work with the same amount of heat even a little for those who are difficult to actually visit the theater"
lt;br />, I arrived at the idea of making a video, and since I received support from
and each cast,

"Let's achieve it somehow"
br /> I am starting to move forward with that feeling.

Some people may not be convinced that a group calling itself a theater group will try to present a new work on video, but
We are a planning theater group, so I think that this idea in response to this abnormal situation is our own.

, but I think it's a very sorry conclusion for those who have been looking forward to this work in the form of theater.

However, I would like to send this "God Mitaina Time" again in the form of theater.

As a form, the stage performance will be postponed, and we will perform it again on stage.

I would like to inform you again in the near future.

More damage has already occurred due to the postponement of this performance, and that
We hope that our customers will support us in the form of crowdfunding in the form of support for the survival and visualization of the theater company.

As the production period of the movie, it is decided that the schedule which was originally the practice period and the performance period of "God Mitaina time" is taken as the shooting period, and after editing work from there, the distribution participation by the preview remote will be the majority around March next spring.

We hope to be able to release it in theaters around the summer of 2021.

In addition to the members of the planning and theater group Bokura Danyoshi, the performers were originally scheduled to appear on the stage "Kami-Mitaina Time", and Mr. Yuki Tani, Mai Imade, and Munehiro Yoshida, respectively, will also appear as the main cast, and the host, Minoru Kubota, will direct and script the film version as it is.

We would like to deliver the world view of the stage that we originally wanted our customers to see in the world of video with as much quality as possible in the world of video.

I am very aware that the stage theater industry is not the only place in a difficult situation in the current world.
We are very sorry to ask for financial cooperation for us, but

We would appreciate your cooperation in order to survive the theater company and realize the film planning.

With regard to the details of crowdfunding that we are going to announce in the near future, with the cooperation of the three guest appearances, we are devising several things that customers can enjoy.

I would appreciate it if you could support us for future performances, including the film adaptation of this work and the postponed performance of this work. Thank you very much.

Planning and theater group Bokra Danyi

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Koji Okino ? Takuya Ogami ? Hirayama Sky ? Yuko Sunohara ? Shota Soeda ? Tomoyuki Fukuda ? Chita Uchida ? Yuichi Takahashi ? Nana Hanasaki ? Koharu Midoritani ? Fumiko Ohon ? Guest? Yuki Tani" Demai-g-tsohiro Ta


Written and directed? Kubota Singing ? Costume? Hirayama Sky ? Art assistant? Shota Soeda ? Props? Tomoyuki Fukuda♂ Koji Ono ? Promotion? Fumion Ohon% Y Shota Ta♂ Nana Yazaki ? Production? Bokla Dangi Production Department?? C Shota Naka / Mizuki Shimizu / Yuko Sunohara / Yuko Otsuka? Planning and production? Bokra Danyi


2020/10/7 (Wed) 〜2020/10/12 (Mon)

7民(民) 19:00
8民(木) 14:00/19:00
9民(民) 14:00/19:00
100(民) 1 3:00/18:30
11民(民) 13:00/18:30
12民(民) 14:00


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All seats reserved (advance): 5,500 yen
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(seats allowed, July 12)
lt;br />Tskete seat: 10,000 yen
(Seats themselves are no different from those booked in advance.)
As the name suggests, I made this ticket type with the feeling of "Tuskete", but
I am grateful enough just to be able to make a reservation without having to choose here.
At least with a feeling, we will put on a postcard with autograph of all members as a reservation privilege.
No matter how many reservations you make, we will always write it by hand.

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represented by the director, Kaoru Kubota, and vice-president Koji Okino.


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