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Performance content

The legal world of the future a little. The main character is Nanami, a new lawyer girl who can use a little "different ability".
She's busy with her defense work while she's a rookie. One work came in there.

Plea bargain.

A "super criminal" woman is sitting straight in front of a fence made of iron pipes.
The imprisonment given to her is 256 years in prison.
Purchased information about other criminals from the acquired prison staff and fellow outside, which he reduced his own imprisonment for selling in plea bargains.

I thought it was a prison until I died. However, the number of years of imprisonment is gradually decreasing.
At the time of release that has easily admitted the plea bargain by pumping the hanko, but is finally becoming a reality.
The hanko that was pressed lightly feels heavy like an iron pipe, and a cold iron pillar falls on shichimi.

There is a strength and original choreography dance, there is action, and a gorgeous production of original music.

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Rust Team? Chihiro Oka'F Misato Tani 黹m Seshin Ai". 井千華縲¢蜥ヒ結生縲¥ャ野由衣縲¥ャ野祐輔縲"イ藤祐一縲¢P明花実優縲♂宙鼡P縲≠ソお縲 ?s.aoi縲£?? I縲♂i塚優衣縲%?g碧縲♂H沢葵縲*イ川い&amp;#12436;縲%猪{貴大 ? 《鉄チーム》? 柴田茉莉縲#?獅ワりも縲≠謔オざわちか縲∴タ達慶幸縲、YAKA縲¥繻エぺこ縲°e地紀壱縲¥ャ林諒大縲¥ャ山詩乃縲"?{ Mayu-tan-Tabayashi-Ka-ka-u Nosato-Rika-Nekamura-mura-mura-♂-yasaki-kion-@z-n-nana-na-ha-矼-矼?</a0>


Written and directed? Ryo Sato?? I'm so upset? Dance choreography? Kikuchi Ki-ichi'F Tani Misato-tei Killing guidance? Mutsumi Igarashi ? Production? Misato Kumagai Stage director? Naoki Fujimura ? Stage and large tools? Co., Ltd. BAKU Architecture Laboratory Lighting? Hiromasa Hara?? Light staff co., Ltd.? Acoustic? Takataka Shioya?? F Entertainment? Music making? Ryo Nakajima ? Singing music? Chihiro Oka?? K Team? S Team? ? Advertising design? Hirohisa Sato%. Misa ? Visual photography? Ayaya Kawakami ? Planning? I'm going to have to do it.


2020/8/12 (Wed) 〜2020/8/16 (Sun)

Wednesday, August 12, 18:30- Rust ★
Thursday, August 13, 19:00- Iron
Friday, August 14, 13:00- Iron ★/19:00- Rust
Sunday, August 16, 12:00- Rust/16:30- Iron
*★ A limited talk event will be held after the performance.

Ticket Fee

S seat (advance sale): 6,500 yen
A seat (advance): 5,500 yen
(incl. tax)
lt;br /> half ticket and 500 yen cashback and multiple theater awards performance original cast postcard gift

+ Ticketing Fee


Theater Green Big Tree Theater


Organizations Overview

Carefully selected raw stones that have not yet been dyed strongly.
A young creative group that delivers theater, dance, and laughter.
"Young director x young talented actor"
Stage performances held more than four times a year. Other live events, "weekly" actors can play an active part theater company original program content distribution.
10,000 people on stage in 3 years!


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