Eccentric Dancetainment Crew Blue Print Vol.10


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Storylt;br />The japanese parakeet Pee and Okamainko sparrows kept by Ando hate Ando.
Every day I am trapped in a basket and not allowed to flap my wings, and I am made to learn words that I don't want to speak.
How long will these cramped and boring days last, or live with Ando in this narrow prison for the rest of my life?
I just didn't notice.
The adventure of parakeets with freedom in hand by chance begins now.
A further challenge of blueprints that have played ninjas, shinigami, youkai, and fish.
How entertainment lives with this corona! I don't think it's such a big deal, but the answer I've narrowed down with a single mind that I want to be on stage somehow is to be a bird.
Dance entertainment that is not a mask and sends you the whole story with a beak.
Is it really possible for them to make a successful leap? Can't you do that!?

May 14, the National Association of Public Cultural Institutions published guidelines for preventing the spread of infection for the reopening of theaters.
"In principle, we ask people to wear masks unless they are difficult to express..." the daily situation changes and the guidelines of each theater, and the guidelines of each theater have changed little by little, and now it may not have to wear a mask.
I hope that's the case.
, but i can only do such a stage now.
And be careful what to do.
Contacted the acoustic staff. "Can everyone wear a mask and perform?" In an immediate answer, "It looks interesting!" I'm going to do it on stage.
Bullpuri sincerely cooperates with these guidelines as much as possible.

Writer/Director Otake Koichi

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JUN ? Tatsuo ? TOMO?? A PUMP? Atsushi ? MAEDA ? Kazuma Yamane ? Otake Koichi?? Et?? Dolphin field ? Nosuke


Written and directed? Kosuke Otake


2020/7/31 (Fri) 〜2020/8/2 (Sun)

7/31 (Fri) 15:30
07/31 (Fri) 19:00 Delivery A
08/01 (Sat) 12:00
08/01 (Sat) 15:30
08/01 (Sat) 15:30
08 Saturday, March 01, 19:00 Delivery B
08/02 (Sun) 12:00
08/02 (Sun) 15:30 Delivery C
br />Distribution A, B, C will change slightly.
*The lobby opens 45 minutes before the show starts and the audience opens 30 minutes before the show starts.

Ticket Fee

Special tickets: 10,000 yen ★
Reserved seats: 6,600 yen
(all seats reserved and br />★ special tickets for 10 people only for 10 people (including tax and forward seats)
- It is a copy (27 shots) & with original T-shirt -
"It is a piece" contains off-shot and 27 dressing room scenes taken by the cast!
(please develop your own)

+ Ticketing Fee


CBGK Shibugeki!!


*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

>>br />We are conducting training after thorough infection prevention measures for the performance, but we will describe preventive measures again, including measures at the theater.

◆We wear a mask to prevent corona infection and practice with a minimum number of students.
◆ In order to maintain social distance, we will carry out a regulatory entry and exit. (Please refrain from coming as much as possible just before the performance)
◆ performance officials will always wear a mask, and the lobby staff who will be allowed to respond to the customer will wear a face shield and a mask.
◆For tracking confirmation associated with the prevention of the spread of the new Corona virus infection, please specify your name and phone number in advance on a half-ticket (smaller) and visit. If necessary, we may provide it to public institutions such as public health centers. Thank you for your cooperation.
◆ At the time of admission, we will perform a temperature test and alcohol disinfection of the fingers to each customer. If your temperature is 37.5 degrees or more, we are very sorry, but we will refuse admission. (Please note that we will not refund tickets at that time)
◆ At the time of admission, the person in charge will confirm the ticket visually, and please separate the half-ticket by yourself. (Please be careful not to separate it before coming)
◆ Please come after wearing a mask. (If you do not have a mask, you may be refused admission)
◆ The seating seat will be vacant one seat front, back, left and right. There are no seats in the front row of the audience.
◆ During the performance, the cast will be performed wearing a mask with all decorations.
◆ There is no production using the audience seat.
◆ During the opening, the theater air conditioning system is operated and ventilated at all times during the production.
◆ Product sales are only T-shirts, and we will sell after maintaining a social distance.
◆ We will decline gifts, letters, celebrations, etc. to the cast.
◆ We will not greet or meet the cast after the end of the performance.
◆Waiting for you will be prohibited.
◆ Before each performance, lobby after the performance, we will disinfect the place where the audience people touch.

All casts and management will make every effort to ensure that all customers can enjoy it with peace of mind.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but thank you very much for your cooperation.

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