Komatsuza 133rd Performance
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Who is Osamu Dazai?
The Wind of Youth in Japan brought by Tsugaru.

Full of tears at the truth of the writer Osamu Dazai,
that commentary play revives with the director Jin Uyama and the elite staff,
talented cast.

"Damn it, it's so exciting that it makes you feel bad when you're there.
"... Is it all right with me?
"It's okay because it's you.

Spring 1955. Osamu Dazai, a young man who passed Tokyo Imperial University, after Shuji Tsushima.
"This world should not be the valley of tears as it is now.
We must be friends of the people who get rid of tears from this world."
The head of the Tsushima family, who is the landowner from Aomori, came to talk about the important story.

Osamu Dazai literature ("Run Meros", "Human Disqualification", "Later Years"...) This is a review play in which Inoue hisashi is a story about the days of youth that were in the era of a big swell.
After 12 years, a new opening in the summer of 2020.
This is a commentary by
Dazaiji, which is so funny that the skin of the stomach twists,
is so sad that it is so sad that it dries cheeks, and is comparable to a few research books. I still don't know why I could write something like this, but I think Osamu Dazai probably helped me from somewhere in heaven.         ―----Inoue Hisashi

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Sho Aoyagi ? Daisuke Tsukahara ? Akira Date ? Kojiro Mashiki ? Rie Kitagawa ? Momoko Kurita


Work? Hisashi Inoue ? Directing? Hitoshi Uyama


2020/7/6 (Mon) 〜2020/7/23 (Thu)

07/06 (Monday) 18:30
07/07 (Tuesday) 13:00
07/08 (Wednesday) 13:00 / 18:30
Saturday, July 11 18:30
Monday, July 13 at 13:00
Tuesday, July 14 13:00 00 / 18:30
Friday, July 17 18:30
Saturday, July 18 at 18:30
07/20 (Mon) 18:30 13:00
07/22 (Wednesday) 13:00 / 18:30
*Performance time: 3 hours (with break)
It's 30 minutes before the show starts.

[Special Talk Show]
★ July 10 (Fri) 13:00 After the performance Sho Aoyagi, Momoko Kurita, Rie Kitagawa, Hitoshi Uyama (Director)
★ July 16 (Thu) 13:00 After the performance Sho Aoyagi, Daisuke Tsukahara, Akira Date, Kojiro Mashiki
※ Talk show is not available even if you have a ticket for "Human Pass" other than the date of the event.
However, we may close admission as soon as it is full.
※Performers may change due to circumstances.

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5,000 yen!
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※ Will be redeemed for seat reservation ticket at the reception desk from one hour before the start.
We may not be able to provide a continuous seat. Thank you for your understanding.
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