75 years after the war Project Gingira Sun's x Theater Company Showmanship
PEACE HILL Man Called Tengu - Okabe Heita Monogatari - [Nishitetsu Hall] [Transfer Performance]

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This performance was scheduled to be held from Thursday, July 9 to Sunday, July 12, and is a transfer performance of "PEACE HILL Tengu" man called "Peace HILL Tengu- Okabe Heita Monogatari~ [Nishitetsu Hall]".
*Tickets for July will be valid for transfer performances.



In August 2015, as a 70-year-old project after the war, a long-run performance (31 stages) of The Sweet House was performed by "The Lost Letter ~ Fukuoka Private Censorship Bureau~".
The two theater companies, which have been working on "Theater Showmanship" and "Buildings" and "Vehicles", which have continued to create local historical story series, have been working together to create works that are tied to the local community, attracting a large audience every day and attracting attention from the media for revitalizing local culture.

75 years after the war, 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will take place, and this project will start to work again in 2020, when many people from all over the world gather!

A man who dedicated his life to modern sports and gave out "The Olympic Must-Win Method of Japanese Athletes"!

Japan first participated in the Olympics at the Stockholm Games in 1912.
But at the time, Japan was just starting to work on "modern sports" and didn't get good grades.
It was not only as a leader of "Hirata Okabe"
who came back from studying modern sports in the United States, but also excelled in physical ability, and okabe, who was active as a player himself, struggled to nurture "world-class Japanese athletes".
But in Japan, where the spirit theory dominates, Okabe's sports reform has not worked.
Okabe jumps out of Japan and seeks a way to come to Manchuria.
The aim of "peace friendship by sports" in Japan and China is deprived of everything by the war.
and the end of the war. After returning to Fukuoka, where the burnt fields spread, Okabe created the "Peacestand Athletic Stadium" with a wish for peace, and held his first national body after the war in fukuoka.

Character Design by Ryo Taniguchi!!
The official mascot character of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games is in the limelight, Ryo Taniguchi is in the limelight, character design!!

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Kazushi Nakatani ? Yuko Ueda ? Makiko Mune ? Fukuzawa, Research ? Masakazu Ohshiro ? Kanae Matsuo ? Otsuka Munet ? Takashi Tachikawa ? Araki Rompe ? Rieko Haraoka ? Nami Yamaura ? Takashi Nakano ? Naoki Kurino ? Terasaki, Yo ? Tosayaka ? Yasuhiro Yamaguchi ? Kento Hoi ? Mitsuo Oshima ? Yuka Uchiyama ? Hiraoka Nanami ? Daisuke Furusawa ? Kana Yonekura ? Yu Mizoda ? Yuria Yamashita


Screenplay? Otsuka Munet ? Directing? Otsuka Muneto Ichishi J


2020/10/28 (Wed) 〜2020/10/31 (Sat)

Wednesday, October 28 19:00
Thursday, October 29, 19:00
Friday, October 30 14: 00 / 19:00
Saturday, October 31, 11:00 / 16:00
*Opening is 30 minutes before the show.

Ticket Fee

Advance: 3,500 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)

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Nishitetsu Hall


*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

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