Kiev Classical Ballet 2020 [Itabashi City Cultural Hall]

The performance was canceled.

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The best classical ballet delivered by the ballet troupes that swept Through Paris, London and Rome!
The brilliance and evolution of young dancers. Ukraine's treasure, gathered here.

Since coming to Japan in 2017, kiev classical ballet has toured more than 250 performances in japan and has been well received for its friendly performances. In 2020, in addition to the three most popular ballet galas of the Year of the Olympic Year, "Swan Lake" finally appeared. This masterpiece, which continues to be loved by the world, is known as tchaikovsky's first ballet music. The lakeside scene of the fragile and beautiful swans and the melody of four swans, which are too famous in Japan. And the relative fate of Odette and Odile... It is a work that is synonymous with delicate and gorgeous ballet art. To taste the performing arts of the moment that artists create, please go to the theater!

★ programs
"Swan Lake" all act (all two acts)

Ballet is the first to be remembered. Along with "Sleeping Beauty" and "Nutcracker", tchaikovsky is known as the three great ballets, but the story is actually set in Germany. Tchaikovsky's first ballet music at the request of the Bolshoi Theatre in 1875. However, it was not popular at the time of the premiere, and it was not popular once. Then in 1895, it was revised by Petitpa and Ivanov, and became a familiar worldwide popular work. The highlight of this work is the ballerina dancing two roles. It pays attention to the acting ability and the technology which plays the opposite existence of Odette and Odir. In addition, this performance is a two-hour performance for those who are new to ballet and small children. Enjoy the lake of the swan which there is in the composition that there is no other swan in the composition which is easy to see while being the famous performance such as four swans and the black swan Pa de Du.

★ Synopsis
Princess Odette, who was transformed into a swan by the curse of the devil Lotwald, can return to human form only under the moonlight at night. One night, prince Siegfried, who came to the shores of the lake, was captivated by odette, who danced in a fleeting but pretty way, and swore his love.

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Jana Gubanova?? L-F Classical Ballet Principal? Mie Nagasawa?? L-F Classical Ballet Principal?



2020/10/14 (Wed)

Oct. 14 (Wed. ) 18:30 start (18:00 open)
*Performance time: about 2 hours (20 minutes break included)

Ticket Fee

All seats free: 4,500 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Itabashi-ku Bunka Kaikan Large Hall


*Children under 3 years old are not allowed to enter the hotel.
** performances use special recording sand.
*Please refrain from eating and smoking in the venue.
*Please refrain from photography, recording or recording.
*Admission after the performance may be restricted.
*Due to unavoidable circumstances, performers and contents may change. Thank you for your understanding.
*Please note that cancellations, changes and refunds will not be possible for you after the purchase process is complete.

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