Ragus - Irish Dance 2020 [Yokohama Kannai Hall Large Hall]

The performance was canceled.

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><重要>Canfeti New Coronavirus-related Performance Postponement
br />Thank you very much for your patronage of Imprezario Tokyo.
I said, due to restrictions on the issuance of entry and visas due to the spread of the new Coronavirus infection, we have decided to cancel all performances scheduled for November 2020 due to the current uncertainty as to whether or not to enter Japan from Yilland in preparation for the event.
We will refund the ticket fee to the customer who has the ticket, so please confirm various methods before proceeding. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and concern for all of you who have been looking forward to the performance, but thank you for your understanding.
We hope that the new Coronavirus infection will converge quickly and that we will have a quick time to enjoy irish traditional music and dance to our heart's content.
Thank you very much for your continued patronage in the future.

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There is no procedure by the customer.

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Please check the details of your credit card for the presence or absence of a refund.
Even if processing is completed by the end of September, the timing reflected in your usage history will vary for each credit card company.
If you would like to know more about the presence or absence of a refund, please contact your credit card company.
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>br /> Refund period: 2020/09/16 (Wed) 10:00 - 2020/10/10 (Sat) 23:59

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or higher.
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Listen to the origin of people and the earth to the sound of Celtic! br />br />Madonna, Lady Gaga, Stones, Piaf, etc. Ragous, which was introduced in NHK Hi-Vision's folk music and dance series in 2002 and became a hot topic, is coming to Japan to deliver the essence of Irish Trad for the first time in five years. Ragous is not only an Irish dance, but also a live band with fiddles, pipes and accordions, a female singer with a nostalgic singing voice that is transparent to the heart, all of which are fully entertainment shows of the third place. The Irish music conveyed by the ear is simple, easy to understand and fun, but sometimes intense, whispering, sad... It's as if it tells the story of everything from time to time. Irish Trad is the perfect introduction to folk music that shakes people's souls. And Ragous. The company director, who continues to be at the fore in irish traditional music, as well as dancers, bands and singers from a brilliant background, will present Japan with the best Irish entertainment.
br />>Ragous "Impulsive" and proud tradition
People and music and dance have been in an indecessive relationship since long ago. The sounds and dances that have developed in each area can sometimes be subject to disgust among incompatible people, if they become proud identification documents that show their identity.
The Irish people, who were banned from traditional cultural activities by England in the 16th century, began to take steps only in the lower body so that they would not appear to be dancing when viewed from outside the window. The upper body is straight, the hand is reached, and it does not move. Even if it is prohibited, it is not possible to stop it. This dance is passed down as an Irish dance that can be seen today.
Born and raised in nature-rich Ireland and based on Celtic traditions, Ragous delivers concerts to the world that are sometimes intense, sometimes gentle, lonely and speak directly to people's hearts. It is the best entertainment show in the folk world and a living tradition that combines Irish dance, which is attractive for its quick, undiunched footing, with three origins: Celtic music and vocals.

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Fergal Murphy?? F-Lecter/Accordion/Vocal? Ragus



2020/11/7 (Sat)

Saturday, November 7, 14:30
** Opens 30 minutes before the show begins.

Ticket Fee

S seat: 7,000 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Yokohama Kannai Hall Large Hall


*The performance is live by the band.
*Performance time is scheduled for about two hours.
*Preschoolchildren are not allowed to enter.
*Please refrain from eating and smoking in the venue.
*Please refrain from photography, recording or recording.
*Admission after the performance may be restricted.
*Due to unavoidable circumstances, performers and contents may change. Thank you for your understanding.
*Please note that cancellations, changes and refunds will not be possible for you after the purchase process is complete.

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