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In the summer of 2016, a major incident that shook the whole of Japan occurred in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is the Sagamihara murder case that gave birth to a large number of victims of 19 people killed and 27 seriously injured. The criminal, who used to be an employee of the facility, sent his claim to the Speaker of the House of Representatives in a letter. This work is a story based on this incident.
One year after the case, Ota, a lawyer, joined the lawyer, Takashi Matsuda,at the invitation of a senior lawyer. Matsuda insists that there is no point in living with people with disabilities who cannot communicate, just as they did before the crime. Ohta, who wants to know the nature of the incident, hears from many people concerned. Ota, a abolitionist, suffered from the voice that "Matsuda's death penalty is natural" as a lawyer. If the truth is that there is no life that is not worth living, Matsuda's life, which has dismissed people with disabilities who cannot communicate as "unnecessary life," must also be honored as the same life. Ohta is a trial with the ruling that Matsuda is the death penalty, what should he talk about as a lawyer and as a human being? Lawyers, prosecutors, people with severe disabilities, facility staff, psychiatrists, victims' fathers, parents of criminals... The struggle between the characters, Matsuda, and the Matsuda-like form of this society continues.

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Go yayanagi ??? Dan-actor's theatre? Takatsugu Ogino?? t Lee? ??? Hayashi Kayoko Danbao? 穰 Watanabe?? Smoke or group circle? Honda Tsujifu ? Tomohisa Miyagawa ? Tatsuma Uchida ? Mari Kimura ? Kenji Yoshioka ? Aiko Kimura ? Saya Sudo ? Directing assistant? Mio Hosokawa ? Planning and supervision? Jiju Hayashi


Work? Ken Furukawa ? Directing? Ogasawara Hibiki ? Art? Izumi Matsuoka ? Costume? Friendly Mariko ? Music? Tetsuhide Hidaka ? Lighting? Natsuko Ishijima ? Acoustic? Taku Kiuchi ? Stage director? Kenji Oshima ? Production? Nobuko Matsui ? Barrier Free Service Cooperation? Npo Senior Theater Network


2020/9/17 (Thu) 〜2020/9/21 (Mon)

Thursday, September 17, 19:00
Friday, September 18, 14:00/19:00
Saturday, September 19, 13:00///18:00
Sunday, September 20, 13:00/18:00
Monday, September 21, 14:00

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General 5,500 yen Senior discount (over 65 years old) 4,500 yen U25% (under 25 years old) 3,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

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Organizations Overview

Established in 2008 by actors and staff belonging to the Kiyama Office (the late Kiyoshi Kiyama). Focusing on works by Minoru Bessatsu, he is performing old works and new works by Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Masataka Matsuda, Tomoe Ato, Minoru Takemoto, and Burning Ishihara. While exploring the possibilities of the theatrical culture of "small theater", we want to be a team that throws a small and shining stone into the chaotic theater world, always keeping in mind the creation of theater with an eye on the world and the times.
"P" is play performance, produce, progressive, prime, popular, pure, passion, poem, procedure, peace... P company is a set of "P" that each member draws.


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