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Musical Symphonia "f f f - Fortissisimo- - Sing in raptures! Review Arabesque "Silk Road - Thieves and Jewels" ◆ Hyogo Takarazuka Grand Theater◆


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Musical Sinfonia "f f f - Fortississsimomyo" - Sing to joy! Review Arabesque "Silk Road - Thieves and Jewels" - Hyogo Takarazuka Grand Theater [
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==== ================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================= Written and directed by Kumiko Ueda lt;br />Ludwig van Beethoven. The name of the man who revolutionized the history of music and is now immortal. However, the man's name is colored with all bad luck. Broken heart, loneliness, loss of hearing. Still, why was he able to complete "Ninth" which sings supreme joy?
A mysterious woman who appeared in front of a genius musician who lost her hearing and despaired. Ludwig who is irritated by the mysterious existence of the woman, and goes to make her a friend of the travel of the life before one is one is before. What is the music that a strange relationship between two people created before long?
In europe in post-French Revolution chaos, Napoleon, Goethe, and Beethoven's path intersects. A new story about the legendary men that everyone knows... Musical Sinfonia!

>>>b>Review Arabesque
Silk Road - Thieves and Jewels.
Written and directed by Yamato Ikuta/b>
West to East and east to west... "Silk Road" is a trade route that has connected Western Europe and Asia by land and sea, carrying culture, civilization, and people.
The bandit who attacked the caravan on the way gets abluediamond. But it was the lost eye of the Indian goddess Theta. The thieves are invited to the journey which traces the many memories which dwell in the sparkle of the jewel which changed the owner many times while bringing happiness to some and the misfortune to some, and this "Silk Road" from a long time old.
From the past to the future, and from the future to the past. An exotic review alavesque that is spelled out in a journey that transcends time and space.
This is the first show of director Yamato Ikuta.

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2020/7/17 (Fri) 〜2020/8/17 (Mon)

*Eligible performances
Thursday, July 23 (Thu.> Thu) 15:00
07/27 (Mon) 13:00
08/08/06 (Thu) 11:00

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*Performance time is about 3 hours including a 30-minute break between the curtains.
*At Takarazuka Opera, all the performers decline their flowers.

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