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Umewaka Kennokai May Performance

Postponed performance

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"Emergency? Notice
"Self-imposed control of noh performances based on the occurrence of new coronavirus infection"

We will postpone the May performance of Theserrian Tower Noh Theater on Thursday, May 21.
We will inform you of the new performance date on our website as soon as we decide.
Tickets purchased can be used as is on the postponed date of the performance.
(*) If you would like a refund, please contact umewaka Kennokai Secretariat.


The theory "Loyalty - The Beginning of Shura Noh" Kobayashi Yasuharu
Mai "Fujikiri" Umewaka Manharu
Mai "Touhou Shu" Touda Osamu Touda
Mai "Ukai" Kenichi Aoki
Kyokyo "Sickle Belly" Yasutaro Yamamoto et al.,
Noh "Loyalty" Toshiya Furumuro et al.,

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Commentary "Loyalty - The Beginning of Shura Noh"? Koji Kobayashi ? "Fujikiri" Umewaka Mansaharu ? "Touhou Shu" Toda Shusuke ♂Ti Fuji Shingo ? Ukai? Kenichi Aoki ? Kyome "Sickle Belly" Yamamoto Taitaro Noh "loyalty" Toshiya Furumuro


Umewaka Kennokai Secretariat


2020/5/21 (Thu)

Reiwa 2/2 May 21 (Thu) 14:00 End 16:50

*Opening time 40 minutes ago

Ticket Fee

1,000 yen discount! Reserved seats A:6,500 yen → Campeti A seat: 5,500 yen!
500 yen discount! Reserved seats B5,500 yen → Campeti B seat: 5,000 yen!
Campeti A seat (student): 4,000 yen
Conffeti B seat (student): 3,000 yen
(all seats reserved

["Mobapass(electronic ticket)" selectable performances;(*Card payment only)
If you are new to the hotel, you will need to install link station's "Mobapass" (free) app and register the app number on the Member's My Page. There is no problem even after the reservation. *If you use "Mobapass", you will not be eligible for the ticket refund service.
For more information on "movapass"," visit the here

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Serrian Tower Noh Theater


Organizations Overview

The history of the Umewaka Sanzaburo family, the predecessor of the Umewaka Kennokai, dates back to approximately 600 years. There are various theories in the origin, but it is the founder of the left minister Tachibana various brothers. It is the eldest son of the 53th generation, but mansaburo gave the home to younger brother Rokuro, and woke up the present Mansaburo family. The number of performances is counted 155 times until the kennokai was established in Showa 3, and it is adjourned to intensify the War of the Showa Era. It resumed at the Matsudaira family stage in Dyei in Showa 21, and has continued to perform every month since now. It was reorganized into the Foundation in Showa 49, and has been certified by the Cabinet Office in April 24, Heisei.


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