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<重要> Campeti New Coronavirus-related Refunds

/>/>/> gt;Performance name:'SAMBA NIGHT 2020
Venue: Hakushinkan Theatre

[About refund procedures]
The refund procedure depends on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase.
Please refer to the "Payment Method" section.

◎Credit card payment customers
by the end of May, you will be asked to stop or refund your withdrawal through the credit card company used for payment.
There is no customer procedure.

【Precautions】Please be sure to check
Please discard your ticket.
Tickets are not required to be issued.
Please check your credit card details for the presence or absence of a refund.

◎Seven-Eleven over-the-counter payment customers
Refunds at the "Seven-Eleven" store.
Please bring your ticket within the following reception period and come to the store.
Tickets issued at the store include the name of the
store purchased at the lower left corner of the ticket surface.
If you do not like the convenience of your visit, please contact us at the following "Refund/E-mail Inquiry".
Refund period: May 13 (Wed) 10:00 -June 30 (Tue) 23:59

*Please note that you will not be able to complete the refund procedures after the above period.

[About refund amount]
"Ticket price x number of sheets + various fees incurred at the time of purchase" will be returned.
*Please note that we will refund
after processing the increase disreache points as appropriate at the time of purchase.

and more.
We are very sorry for your time in the announcement.
Thank you for your support.

【Inquiries about refunds and emails】
Campeti Ticket Center
(Operation: Long Run Planning Co., Ltd.)
03-6228-1630 (Weekdays 10am-18pm)


br />May 1, 2020 We were scheduled to perform from Wednesday, March 3, but due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, which is expanding every day, and the government's declaration of a state of emergency, we decided to cancel and postpone the performance, which we sincerely regret because we were not fully prepared for the performance. We are very sorry to our customers who lookforward to the performance, but we would like to ask for your understanding.

The details will be announced on this page and in a separate email, etc. as soon as the details are decided. In addition, your ticket will be required for refund, so please keep it carefully.

When things converge and the environment is in place, we would like to deliver this performance again. In that case, i will guide you again.

We apologize for this again and thank you very much for this.
====================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== Dream thief? Happy Thieves
2020, finally they're back at the Hakushinkan Theater!

Premiere 2009, re-performance 2011... After ten years of footing, the beautiful imitation guy pursues the jewel of "Fate" three times. This time, cute doll also joined. However, a group led by the Cool Beauty Lady stands in front of them.
What do you get with jewelry?

DIAMOND☆DOGS' Dance, Dance Dance, Dance Dance, and Song Act Show created by Kohei Nakatsuka and Sakiyama. D☆D Young Threesome, Masahira Hirose, Rio Shinkai and Homer are also showing their strengths by showing their growth.
In addition, Toshimitsu Kodera, who appeared in the previous two works, and this time also performed in the previous work, and Nagasawa Fukai, who also plays the choreography, is added. In addition, we welcomed The Nice Guy to Yukisuke Yonehara, Airi Tsunekawa, Jeity, Cute Dolls, Nana Fujita, Yuka Tano, and Cool Beauty Lady.

There is laughter, and this work is love too. In addition, kohei Nakatsuka and Fuhana mai are engaged in a dance battle that does not attract people who see it as a gentle technique. One after another, scenes like kaleidoscopes are spun.
Put on the rhythm of samba, and look forward to the stage that is sometimes mysterious, sometimes intense, cheerful and full of passion!!

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DIAMOND DOGS Kohei Nakatsuka". omer? Kosuke Yonehara ? Nagasawa Fukai ? Toshimitsu Kodera ? Airi Tsunekawa ? Jeity? Nana Fujita ? Yuka Tano ? Wind Flower Dance


Writing, directing and choreography? D☆D ? Music? TAKA? Choreography? Nagasawa Fukai* Ri Nomura Atsuko


2020/5/13 (Wed) 〜2020/5/20 (Wed)

05/13 (Wed) 19:00
05/14 (Thu) 19:00
05/15 (Fri) 19:00
05 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00
05/05 17th (Sun) 14:00
05/18 (Mon) 14:00 / 19:00
05/19 (Tue) 19:0005/20 (Wed) 14:00
*Opening It's 30 minutes before the show starts.

Ticket Fee

All seats: 8,800 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Hakushinkan Theatre


Hakushinkan Theater 03-3571-1003

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