The Guest Singing New Performance
"Night blindness"

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[About refund procedures]
The refund procedure depends on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase.
Please refer to the "Payment Method" section.

by the end of April,
refund will be made.
There is no customer procedure.

【Precautions】Please be sure to check
Please discard your ticket.
Tickets are not required to be issued.
Please check your credit card details for the presence or absence of a refund.
The timing of the usage history varies from credit card company to
even if the process is completed by the end of April.
If you would like to know more about whether you have a refund, please contact your credit card company.

<7-eleven over-the-counter payment customers
Ticket price will be refunded at the Seven-Eleven store at the Seven-Eleven store register
cash or credit card.
Please bring your ticket within the following reception period and come to the store.
Tickets issued at the store include the name of the store you purchased
in the lower left corner of the ticket surface.
If you are not available for comment, please contact us at

*Tickets without the right half ticket are not eligible.

Refund period: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 10:00 - Sunday, May 31, 2020 until 23:59

br/>br/>Please note that there will be no refund procedures after the above period.

[About refund amount]
"Ticket price x number of sheets + various fees incurred at the time of purchase" will be returned.
*Please note that we will refund
after processing the increase disreache points as appropriate at the time of purchase.

【Inquiry on refunds】
Conffeti Ticket Center
(Operation: Long Run Planning Co., Ltd.)03-6228-1630 (weekdays 10-6228-1630)

;----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /> Persimmon eaters will postpone the performance of "Night Blindness".
We are sorry for any inconvenience and concern to our customers who are looking forward to the performance.


br/>br/>tickets will be refunded. Please wait for a while until the details information.

The absolute champions of the Business League will gather in the underground dining room tonight!
The latest work of "Persimmon Eater" of the small theater world is a cross game by nine actresses!
Anti-hero suspense reveals the history of nightmares hidden in the shadow of glory!

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Flying flower tea? Kaoru Nagata ? Irirumine Shion? Natsu Fukui ? Kurika Terashima? Yurika Nagao ? Kira Kirara? Akisato Saito ? Yuri Honoka? Mariko Kitamura ? Isyo Mabuchi? Rio Harada ? Kagaya Ko? Yuki Imai ? Maba Yui? Manya Toba ? Kana Kuramiyauchi? Mayumi Shichimi


Written and directed? Hohito Nakayashiki


2020/5/13 (Wed) 〜2020/5/24 (Sun)

5/13 (Wednesday) 19:30
Thursday, May 14 19:30
Friday, May 15 19:30
Saturday, May 16, 14:00 / 18:00
05May 17th (Sun) 14:00 / 18:00
05/18 (Mon) 14:00
Wed., May 20 19:30
Thursday, May 21 14:00 / 19:3<乱>0>Friday, May 22 19:30
Saturday, May 23 14:00 / 18:00
Sunday, May 24 14:04 00

Ran-Sen-Senility: Special stages that shuffle and perform all casts

Ticket Fee

General: 4,000 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Shimokitazawa Small Theater B1


Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
Please understand in advance.
If you are in a wheelchair, please contact us at least one day before the performance.
Gochi Brothers 03-6809-7125 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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