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Violet? Is it only the moon?? Cast @D? Cast?? Monty? Cheng river ? Flick? Mitsuo Yoshihara ? A evangelist? Yuichi Harada ? The old lady? Kaho Shimada ? The father? Spi? Virgil? Yokota Ryugi ? Leroy? Daisuke Moriyama ? Music Hall Singer? Elianna ? Lula? Yuuna Taniguchi ? Young Violet? Inada Honoka?? Cast? Cast?


Directing? Shuntaro Fujita ? Music? Jeanine Tesori ? Screenplay/Lyrics? Brian Crowley ? Original? Doris Betts?? wThe Ugliest Pilgrim"?


2020/4/7 (Tue) 〜2020/4/26 (Sun)

*Eligible performances
04/08 (Wed) 14:00◇00/18:30★▼
04/10 (Fri) 14:00★ ▼lt&br;/>04/12 (Sun) 12:00★ ▼>04/04 14th (Tue) 14:00◇0
04/15 (Wed) 14:00★0
04:04/16 (Thu) 14:00◇▼lt;br;>04/17 (Fri) 14:00◇▼>br /> 04/18 (Sat) 12:00★ ▼
04/19 (Sun) 16:00★▼04/21 (Tue) 14:00 ◇0
04/22 (Wed) 14:00◇/18:30◇0

*Opening is 30 minutes before the start.
◇Violet role: Only Moon Fuka
★-Violet: Yukawa
0=Young Violet: Inada Honoka
▼Young Violet Role: Morris Sophia

Ticket Fee

枚数限定!直前特別販売!全席指定:12,000円(税込) → 9,000円!

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Arts Theatre Playhouse


Please refrain from admission to preschool children.
Due to the seating structure, we may not be able to guide you to your seat after the performance. Please be sure to sit down at the start of the show 5 minutes before the performance. If you leave the performance, you may not be able to return to your seat.

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