Summer Vacation Children's Concert 2020 "Ueno No. Mori Cultural Exploration"

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Lots of masterpieces!
A concert with a story that can be enjoyed by parents and children.
Let's take a look at the world of opera.

John Williams: Olympic fanfare and theme
Verdi: "Song of cheers" from the opera "Tsubaki" (Nakae Kudo)
;;john Williams mozart: overture from the opera "Magic Flute"
Mozart: Opera "Magic Flute" Act 2 from Aria of the Queen of the Night (Nakae)
Verdi: Opera "Ligoletto" from "Song of the Woman's Heart" (Kudo)
Mascani: Interludes from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana
Donizetti: From the opera "My Medicine of Love", "My Beloved Medicine, Mine!" (Nakae, Kudo)
Verdi: Overture from opera "Power of Destiny"

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Command and talk? Ryuichiro Sonoda ? Soprano? Saki Nakae ? Tenor? Kazuma Kudo ? Orchestra? Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra



2020/8/10 (Mon)

8/10 (Mon. / holiday) Open 12:00 / Start 13:00 / End 14:00

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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Grand Hall


Please come with plenty of time.
Please note that the contents may change due to unavoidable circumstances.

Childcare service (concert only, reservation required, paid, capacity available, August 3 (Monday) 17:00 deadline)
[Event Childcare Mothers 0120-788-222]
There are no elevators or escalators in the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Hall. Please be aware of this.
Information on the exchange of the Ueno 1day pass (only on the day) >official site<><><<><>>>>>>.>;>;>;>>>;>>>>;>;>>>>;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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