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The 12th Performance of The Barth Kitchen "Plush Spirit"

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The performance was scheduled to be performed until May 20 and #12316;24, 2020, and in light of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the performance was postponed as a result of discussions regarding the spread of the new coronavirus.
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A company that sells beloved stuffed animals in more than 150 countries around the world,"ty","lt;br;br;/>br/>our products of course, Popular eel climbing overseas in collaboration with the product.

This is japan's first landing of such "ty".

At first there was momentum, but after that it faded.

There is a transmission from the upper management

"If sales of this year are bad, all japanese branches are killed.

One trajectory occurs in a cliff-edge situation.

There were spirits of the sold-out stuffed animals that showed up.

Social comedy of employees and stuffed animals who gave the lives of the company's people

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Sumire Ichimura??? ? Asami Oda ??? ? Nagao Truth ? Wakana Taiki ? Yasufumi Ukotani?? 'The Yokolate Brigade? Keisuke Furuhata ? Hitomi Isaka?? Si-plane rider GIRLS? Zudon?? o Rus kitchen? Kawagishi Ginji?? o Rus kitchen? Mutsumi Midorikawa ? Nishima Garden?? o Rus kitchen? Mayako ? Yutaro Ueda?? o Rus kitchen? Takuya Matsuoka??? ? Shunki Watanabe??) (JB Anothers???? ?? (Bals Kitchen?? (Bals Kitchen?? (Chocolate Brigade? ??? ? Aya Mizuno??? ? Shiori Tojo??? ? Kotaro Hashimoto??? ? Yusuke Ogi?? (Bals Kitchen? ? Ragment edge?


Screenplay and directing? Masaki Maeno?? o Rus kitchen? Stage Director/ Stage Art? Ryota Kota?? Da?? Acoustic/propaganda art? Usui Kuri ? Lighting? Takahashi Sentences ? Props? Yusuke Ogi ? Steel shooting? Hashimoto Akira ? Production? Saori Wakabayashi ? Executive producer? Shima Torataro ? Planning/Sponsoring? Troupe Bals Kitchen ? Cooperation? Earth Sea Sky- Wo-yi Office -I-Scar Promotion<O Landia<T-Music Brain</a>W-Yastopro</a> -Yastr?m Brigade


2020/5/20 (Wed) 〜2020/5/24 (Sun)

May 20 -24, 2020> br /> Wednesday, May 20 14:00A/19:30B
May 21 (Thu) 14:00B☆/19:30A
Friday, May 22 :00A☆/19:30B
Saturday, May 23, 14:00B/18:30A
Sunday, May 24, 12:30A/17:00B

br/>br/>br/>45 minutes before the show.
*Running time: about 100 minutes

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Val Studio (Takashimadaira, Tokyo)


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Bals Kitchen


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