The End of Ristorante : When the Door of Memory Opens

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[About refund procedures]
The refund procedure depends on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase.
Please refer to the "Payment Method" section.

◎Credit card payment customers

by the end of April, you will be asked to stop or refund your withdrawal through the credit card company used for payment.
There is no customer procedure.

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Refund period: 2020/04/08 (Wed) 10:00 to 2020/04/30 (Thu) 23:59

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Conffeti Ticket Center
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"The reading play "When the Door of Memory Opens" performance is adjusted to postpone the event from the viewpoint of infection prevention and spread prevention in view of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Ticket refund procedures, transfer venue dates,
Please keep your tickets as they are, as we will inform you at a later date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank you for your understanding of the circumstances.

The most endless Ristorante Production Committee
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;this is a restaurant story for having a last supper before crossing the Sanso River.
You can order not the food, but the last supper.
Conditions have already passed away.
The restaurant has one cook who entertains the people who come.
If the other party is decided, the dish is decided naturally, too. The cook understands why.
Visitors reunite with their dinner counterparts, taste the food, enjoy the conversation for the first time in a long time, and all leave with a smile on their faces.
One day, a cook who has no memories of the past brings back a little memory in this world.
Since then, people who have been involved with him will come to this store.

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Single cast? Shinya Asada a Izumi Sohei-tei<a0>I Renography </a0> Double cast? Koji Asbestos?? X Crumble Gum♂ ♂?


Composition and directing? Kazumi Noguchi?? Tsubakikan? Staging? Takuro Suzuki?? HAiroiPLIN?


2020/4/8 (Wed) 〜2020/4/12 (Sun)

4/08 (Wed) 19:00
4/04/09 (Thursday) 15:00 ★/ 19:00 ★
Friday, April 10 12:00 / 16:00
April 11 (Sat) 1 2:00 ★/ 16:00 ★
Sunday, April 12 12 12:00 / 16:00
Double cast> br /> ★; .

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S seat: 6,500 yen (with original benefits: original goods original goods)
A seats: 5,500 yen
A seats will be the gallery seats.
(all seats reserved and tax included)
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Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Traditional Hall


Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

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