Miyuki Torii Solo Live Feast Blockade World "Fudo" (Alternative Performance)

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Solo Live Live Frenzy Blockade World "Immovable" Alternate Performances & #65279;
Notice of purchase ticket refund slated for postponement of the event & #65279;#65279;#65279;/font;
Thursday, April 23 (Thu) & #12316 (Sun) Held at Shinjuku Village LIVE & #65279;
Solo Live "Fudo" alternate performance of the new Coronavirus & #65279/#65279 /> In consideration of the situation of further spreading of infection and the safety of our customers, we have decided to postpone it again. &#65279;
We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers, but we would like to ask for your understanding of the #65279;
Whata. & #65279;

April 7,2020 & #65279;
Sun Music Productions

Performance Name: Bird Imiyuki Solo Live "Immobility" (Alternative Performance)
Venue: Shinjuku Village LIVE

[About refund procedures]
The procedure for refunds depends on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase.
Please refer to the "Payment Method" section.
◎Credit card payment customers
by the end of April, you will be asked to stop or refund your withdrawal through the credit card company used for payment.
There is no customer procedure.

【Precautions】Please be sure to check
Please discard your ticket.
Tickets are not required to be issued.
Please check your credit card details for the presence or absence of a refund.
◎Seven-Eleven over-the-counter payment customers
will be refunded at the "Seven-Eleven" store.
Please bring your ticket within the following reception period and come to the store.
Tickets issued at the store include the name of the
store purchased at the lower left corner of the ticket surface.
If you are not available for comment, please contact us at the following [Refund/E-mail inquiry],

Refund period: Thursday, April 16, 10:00 - May 15 th 23:59

*Please note that you will not be able to complete the refund procedures after the above period.

[About refund amount]
"Ticket price x number of sheets + various fees incurred at the time of purchase" will be returned.
*Please note that we will refund
after processing the increase disreache points as appropriate at the time of purchase.

This is it.
We are very sorry for your time in the announcement.
Thank you for your support.

【Inquiry on refunds】
Conffeti Ticket Center
(Operation: Long Run Planning Co., Ltd.)
03-6228-1630 (weekdays 10-18 am)================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================

*Tickets for march performances are not allowed for alternative performances in April.

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Miyuki Torii



2020/4/23 (Thu) 〜2020/4/26 (Sun)

4/23 (Thursday) 19:00
Friday, April 24 19:00
04/25 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
Sunday, April 26 14:00
Open 60 minutes before the start of the show.

Ticket Fee

Balcony seats: 7,000 ★ yen with gift
S seat: 6,500 yen ★ with gift
A seat: 5,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)> (all seats reserved, tax included) please note that tickets for the March performance, which have been cancelled, will not be admitted to the alternate performances in April.

+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku Village LIVE


Note: If you are late for the start time, you may not be able to use the designated seats.

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