Bolshoi Ballet "All About Bolshoi - Premium Edition"

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Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Large Hall
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◆Introductionbr />
Boasts more than 240 years of history and tradition, The Bolshoi Ballet, which is celebrated as one of the world's three largest ballet companies, came to Japan in November 2020. Bolshoi Ballet has had a deep bond with Japan for 60 years and has been moving us through generations.

For the first time in three years, this performance in Japan is an eternal masterpiece "Swan Lake" that will give you a sense of the breath and strength of the "Bolshoi Ballet New Era", with powerful music and energy. We will perform the 18th "Spartacus" of the Bolshoi, which is fascinated by the lively choreography, and the third performance of the gorgeous special stage "All of the Bolshoi - Premium Edition" which is a collection of dancers who shine in season now.

Leading ballet stars and dancers who will lead the next generation gather in Japan performances and now again! We will deliver the golden age of the Bolshoi Ballet.

A total of 230 people, including the world-class dancers, the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, and stage staff, are coming to Japan. Please look forward to it.
◆Performance Details
font color="green">Dancers in season now!
Special 3days to give with the highest cast you want now!

"All of the Bolshoi
Premium Edition"
lt;br />lt;b>-b
"Kingdom of Shadows" from "La Bayadal"
"Diamond" from "Jewels" and others (performance breakdown of each day undecided)

Currently artistic director Wasieev and Zaharova are currently considering the best program!

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Playing? Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra ? Dance director? Mahal Waziev


2020/12/3 (Thu) 〜2020/12/6 (Sun)

Thursday, December 03 18:30 [Doors open 17:30]
Friday, December 04 18:30 [Doors open 17:30]
Sunday, December 06 17:00 [Doors open 16:00] ★" StraVerna Zakharova Production special edition!

Ticket Fee

先着限定!S席:26,000円 → カンフェティ特別価格!
先着限定!S席:27,000円 → カンフェティ特別価格!
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Grand Hall


[Please purchase a ticket in advance knowing the following].
The above performers are scheduled to come to Japan as of January 24, 2020. Performers are subject to change due to illness, injury, or other unavoidable circumstances. The final performers will be announced on the day.
Please note that we do not accept cancellations or transfers of performance dates unless the performance is cancelled. However, for 11/26 (Thursday) 18:30 "Spartacus", 12/1 (Tuesday) 19:00 "Swan Lake", 12/6 (Sunday) 17:00 "All of Bolshoi - Premium Edition" performances, the difference with other performances of the same performance will be refunded only if Thereista no longer appears. If you do not agree, please use the same-day ticket. (If it is sold out in advance, there will be no sale of same-day tickets) Please pay attention to the loss etc.
If you are late for the performance, you will be asked to wait for a long time. Please come with plenty of time.
You need one ticket per person to enter. Children under 4 years old are not allowed to enter the property.
This performance is a very reserved seat. You cannot watch in a seat other than your ticket.
The use of recording, recording, and mobile phones in the field is strictly prohibited.
Resale of tickets by online auction etc. will cause trouble, so we will refuse it.
Depending on your seat, you may be able to see the stage.
In case of inconvenience to other customers, you may be asked to leave at the discretion of the organizer.

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